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File metadata and controls

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API changes

Version 4.* to 5.0

Contao 3 theme icons

The old .gif images that were used for the back end theme in Contao 3 have been removed. Use the .svg icons instead.


The constants TL_ASSETS_URL and TL_FILES_URL have been removed. Use the assets or files context instead:

$container = System::getContainer();
echo $container->get('contao.assets.assets_context')->getStaticUrl();
echo $container->get('contao.assets.files_context')->getStaticUrl();

News feeds

News feeds are now implemented as page controllers. You can add new RSS, Atom and JSON feeds in the "pages" back end module. The {{news_feed:id}} insert tag has been removed. You can use {{link_url::id}} instead.


The old app.php entry point has been removed. Adjust your server configuration to use index.php instead.

DCA "exclude" fields

The exclude property on DCA fields is no longer initialized when loading a back end module. Make sure to check for ContaoCorePermission::CAN_EDIT_FIELD_OF_TABLE to know if a field should be available to a user.

checkCredentials hook

The checkCredentials hook has been removed. Use the CheckPassportEvent instead.

postLogin hook

The postLogin hook has been removed. Use the LoginSuccessEvent instead.

importUser hook

The importUser hook has been removed. Implement a custom UserProvider service instead.

postAuthenticate hook

The postAuthenticate hook has been removed. Use the LoginSuccessEvent instead.

postLogout hook

The postLogout hook has been removed. Use the LogoutEvent instead.

Contao 4 migrations

Contao 5 does not include any Contao 4 migrations, so make sure to upgrade to Contao 4.13 before upgrading to Contao 5!

Install tool

The install tool has been removed. Use the contao:setup, contao:migrate and contao:user:create commands or the Contao Manager instead.

DataContainer callbacks

DataContainer callbacks registered via service tagging with a priority of 0 (which is the default) are now executed after the existing callbacks instead of before.

Insert tag flag uncached

The |uncached insert tag flag was removed. Use the {{fragment::*}} insert tag instead.

Unknown insert tags

Unknown insert tags are no longer removed from the resulting text. Instead, they are now kept unchanged and are visible in the front end.

Insert tag hooks

The $cache parameter is no longer passed to the replaceInsertTags and the insertTagFlags hooks. An empty array is passed instead.


The Contao\CoreBundle\Image\Studio\Figure::getLinkAttributes() method will now return an Contao\CoreBundle\String\HtmlAttributes object instead of an array. Use iterator_to_array() to transform it back to an array representation. If you are just using array access, nothing needs to be changed.

To ease accessing metadata and lightbox results in a chained manner or in templates, the getMetadata() and getLightbox() methods will now return null instead of throwing an exception if no data is available.

The contao_figure Twig function has been deprecated and replaced with the figure Twig function. The new function returns a Figure object instead of a pre-rendered string which allows a more versatile application. To update existing usages, render the component/_figure.html.twig template yourself by including or embedding it with the object:

{# before #}
{{ contao_figure('image.jpg', [800, 600]) }}

{# after #}
{% include "@Contao/component/_figure.html.twig" with {
    figure: figure('image.jpg', [800, 600])
} %}

sqlCompileCommands hook

The sqlCompileCommands hook has been removed. Use the Doctrine DBAL postGenerateSchema event instead.


The CURRENT_ID constant and session variable have been removed. Use DataContainer::$currentPid instead to determine the ID of the current parent record.

$intCurrentParentRecordId = $dc->currentPid;

Logout module

The deprecated logout module has been removed. Use the logout page instead.

RequestToken class

The RequestToken class as well as the disableRefererCheck and requestTokenWhitelist settings have been removed.


It is no longer possible to use the FORM_FIELDS mechanism to determine which form fields have been submitted. Make sure to always submit at least an empty string in your widget:

<!-- Wrong: the input will only be submitted if checked -->
<input type="checkbox" name="foo" value="bar">

<!-- Right: the input will always be submitted -->
<input type="hidden" name="foo" value=""><input type="checkbox" name="foo" value="bar">



Use the kernel.project_dir instead of TL_ROOT:

$rootDir = System::getContainer()->getParameter('kernel.project_dir');

BE_USER_LOGGED_IN was historically used to preview unpublished elements in the front end. Use the token checker service to check the separate cases instead:

$hasBackendUser = System::getContainer()->get('')->hasBackendUser();
$showUnpublished = System::getContainer()->get('')->isPreviewMode();

Use the token checker service instead of FE_USER_LOGGED_IN:

$hasFrontendUser = System::getContainer()->get('')->hasFrontendUser();

Use the kernel start time instead of TL_START:

$startTime = System::getContainer()->get('kernel')->getStartTime();

Use the request attribute _contao_referer_id instead of TL_REFERER_ID:

$refererId = System::getContainer()->get('request_stack')->getCurrentRequest()->get('_contao_referer_id');

Use the request stack to get the route instead of using TL_SCRIPT:

$route = System::getContainer()->get('request_stack')->getCurrentRequest()->get('_route');

if ('contao_backend' === $route) {
    // Do something

Use the ScopeMatcher service instead of using TL_MODE:

use Contao\CoreBundle\Routing\ScopeMatcher;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\RequestStack;

class Test {
    private $requestStack;
    private $scopeMatcher;

    public function __construct(RequestStack $requestStack, ScopeMatcher $scopeMatcher) {
        $this->requestStack = $requestStack;
        $this->scopeMatcher = $scopeMatcher;

    public function isBackend() {
        return $this->scopeMatcher->isBackendRequest($this->requestStack->getCurrentRequest());

    public function isFrontend() {
        return $this->scopeMatcher->isFrontendRequest($this->requestStack->getCurrentRequest());

Use the contao.csrf.token_manager service or the requestToken variable in your template instead of REQUEST_TOKEN:

$requestToken = System::getContainer()->get('contao.csrf.token_manager')->getDefaultTokenValue();
<input type="hidden" name="REQUEST_TOKEN" value="<?= $this->requestToken ?>">


Cronjobs can no longer be registered via $GLOBALS['TL_CRON']. Use a service tagged with contao.cronjob instead (you can also use the @CronJob annotation or #[AsCronJob] attribute). See the official developer documentation for more details.

Content elements

The following content element types have been rewritten as fragment controllers with Twig-only templates:

  • code (ce_codecontent_element/code)
  • headline (ce_headlinecontent_element/headline)
  • html (ce_htmlcontent_element/html)
  • list (ce_listcontent_element/list)
  • text (ce_textcontent_element/text)
  • table (ce_tablecontent_element/table)
  • hyperlink (ce_hyperlinkcontent_element/hyperlink)
  • toplink (ce_toplinkcontent_element/toplink)
  • image (ce_imagecontent_element/image)
  • gallery (ce_gallerycontent_element/gallery)
  • youtube (ce_youtubecontent_element/youtube)
  • vimeo (ce_vimeocontent_element/vimeo)
  • downloads (ce_downloadscontent_element/downloads)
  • download (ce_downloadcontent_element/download)
  • player (ce_playercontent_element/player)
  • teaser (ce_teasercontent_element/teaser)

The legacy content elements and their templates are still around and will only be dropped in Contao 6. If you want to use them instead of the new ones, you can opt in on a per-element basis by adding the respective lines to your contao/config/config.php:

// Restore legacy content elements
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['texts']['code'] = \Contao\ContentCode::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['texts']['headline'] = \Contao\ContentHeadline::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['texts']['html'] = \Contao\ContentHtml::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['texts']['list'] = \Contao\ContentList::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['texts']['text'] = \Contao\ContentText::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['texts']['table'] = \Contao\ContentTable::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['links']['hyperlink'] = \Contao\ContentHyperlink::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['links']['toplink'] = \Contao\ContentToplink::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['media']['image'] = \Contao\ContentImage::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['media']['gallery'] = \Contao\ContentGallery::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['media']['youtube'] = \Contao\ContentYouTube::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['media']['vimeo'] = \Contao\ContentVimeo::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['files']['downloads'] = \Contao\ContentDownloads::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['files']['download'] = \Contao\ContentDownload::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['media']['player'] = \Contao\ContentPlayer::class;
$GLOBALS['TL_CTE']['includes']['teaser'] = \Contao\ContentTeaser::class;

The following content elements and modules were already implemented as fragment controllers before. As of Contao 5.0, they are Twig-only and also follow the new naming scheme:

  • template content element (ce_templatecontent_element/template)
  • markdown content element (ce_markdowncontent_element/markdown)
  • template module (mod_templatefrontend_module/template)

Show to guests only

The "show to guests only" function has been removed. Use the "protect page" function instead.


Contao no longer treats an empty tl_content.ptable column like it had been set to tl_article. Make sure to always set the ptable column.


The disableInsertTags config option has been removed. Use the contao.insert_tags.allowed_tags parameter instead.


The support for runonce.php files has been dropped. Use the migration framework instead.


The onrestore_callback has been removed. Use the onrestore_version_callback instead.

getSearchablePages hook

The getSearchablePages hook has been removed. Use the SitemapEvent instead.


Backend::addFileMetaInformationToRequest() and the corresponding addFileMetaInformationToRequest hook have been removed. Use the image handling services and the FileMetadataEvent instead.


The value of the FormTextarea widget is no longer encoded with specialchars(). Encode the value in your custom form_textarea templates instead.

languages.php, getLanguages and $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['LNG']

The System::getLanguages() method, the getLanguages hook and the config/languages.php file have been removed. Use or decorate the contao.intl.locales service instead.

To add or remove countries, you can use the contao.intl.locales or contao.intl.enabled_locales configuration. $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['LNG'] can still be used for overwriting translations, but no longer to retrieve language names.

countries.php, getCountries and $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['CNT']

The System::getCountries() method, the getCountries hook and the config/countries.php file have been removed. Use or decorate the contao.intl.countries service instead.

To add or remove countries, you can use the contao.intl.countries configuration. $GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['CNT'] can still be used for overwriting translations, but no longer to retrieve country names.


The following classes and interfaces have been removed from the global namespace:

  • listable
  • editable
  • executable
  • uploadable
  • UnresolvableDependenciesException
  • UnusedArgumentsException


The protected $arrClassNames property was removed from the Contao\Model base class.


The Contao\Request library has been removed. Use another library such as symfony/http-client instead.

Renamed resources

The following resources have been renamed:

  • ContentMediaContentPlayer
  • FormCheckBoxFormCheckbox
  • FormRadioButtonFormRadio
  • FormSelectMenuFormSelect
  • FormTextFieldFormText
  • FormTextAreaFormTextarea
  • FormFileUploadFormUpload
  • ModulePasswordModuleLostPassword
  • form_textfieldform_text

CSS classes "first", "last", "even" and "odd"

The CSS classes first, last, even, odd, row_* and col_* are no longer applied anywhere. Use CSS selectors instead.

Template changes

The items in the ce_list and ce_table templates no longer consist of an associative array containing the item‘s CSS class and content. Instead, it will only be the content.

<!-- OLD -->
<?php foreach ($this->items as $item): ?>
  <li<?php if ($item['class']): ?> class="<?= $item['class'] ?>"<?php endif; ?>><?= $item['content'] ?></li>
<?php endforeach; ?>

<!-- NEW -->
<?php foreach ($this->items as $item): ?>
  <li><?= $item ?></li>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Input type "textStore"

The textStore input type was removed. Use password instead.

Global functions

The following global functions have been removed:

  • scan()
  • specialchars()
  • standardize()
  • strip_insert_tags()
  • deserialize()
  • trimsplit()
  • ampersand()
  • nl2br_html5()
  • nl2br_xhtml()
  • nl2br_pre()
  • basename_natcasecmp()
  • basename_natcasercmp()
  • natcaseksort()
  • length_sort_asc()
  • length_sort_desc()
  • array_insert()
  • array_dupliacte()
  • array_move_up()
  • array_move_down()
  • array_delete()
  • array_is_assoc()
  • utf8_chr()
  • utf8_ord()
  • utf8_convert_encoding()
  • utf8_decode_entities()
  • utf8_chr_callback()
  • utf8_hexchr_callback()
  • utf8_detect_encoding()
  • utf8_romanize()
  • utf8_strlen()
  • utf8_strpos()
  • utf8_strrchr()
  • utf8_strrpos()
  • utf8_strstr()
  • utf8_strtolower()
  • utf8_strtoupper()
  • utf8_substr()
  • utf8_ucfirst()
  • utf8_str_split()
  • nl2br_callback()

Most of them have alternatives in either StringUtil, ArrayUtil or may have PHP native alternatives such as the mb_* functions. For advanced UTF-8 handling, use symfony/string.

eval->orderField in PageTree and Picker widgets

Support for a separate database orderField column has been removed. Use isSortable instead which stores the order in the same database column.

Removed {{post::*}} insert tag

The {{post::*}} insert tag has been removed. To access submitted form data on forward pages, use the new {{form_session_data::*}} insert tag instead.

$_SESSION access no longer mapped to Symfony Session

The use of $_SESSION is discouraged because it makes testing and configuring alternative storage back ends hard. In Contao 4, access to $_SESSION has been transparently mapped to the Symfony session. This has been removed. Use $request->getSession() directly instead.

database.sql files

Support for database.sql files has been dropped. Use DCA definitions and/or Doctrine DBAL schema listeners instead.

Simple Token Parser

Tokens which are not valid PHP variable names (e.g. ##0foobar##) are no longer supported by the Simple Token Parser.


Keyword support in articles, and as such also $GLOBALS['TL_KEYWORDS'], has been removed.

Legacy routing

The legacy routing has been dropped. As such, the getPageIdFromUrl and getRootPageFromUrl hooks do not exist anymore. Use Symfony routing instead.

Custom entry points

The initialize.php file has been removed, so custom entry points will no longer work. Register your entry points as controllers instead.


The Contao\ClassLoader has been removed. Use Composer autoloading instead.


The Contao\Encryption class and the eval->encrypt DCA flag have been removed. Use save_callback and load_callback and libraries such as phpseclib/phpseclib instead.

Internal CSS editor

The internal CSS editor has been removed. Export your existing CSS files, import them in the file manager and then add them as external CSS files to the page layout.


The function log_message() has been removed. Use the Symfony logger services instead. Consequently, the Automator::rotateLogs() method has been removed, too.


The DCA config.dataContainer property needs to be a FQCN instead of just Table or Folder.

More information: #4322

pageSelector and fileSelector widgets

The back end widgets pageSelector and fileSelector have been removed. Use the picker widget instead.

Public folder

The public folder is now called public by default. It can be renamed in the composer.json file.