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Contao core bundle change log

4.1.3 (2016-04-22)

  • Use data URIs for the image preview in the back end.
  • Use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR to convert kernel.cache_dir into a relative path (see #464).
  • Always trigger the "isVisibleElement" hook (see contao/core#8312).
  • Do not change all sessions when switching users (see contao/core#8158).
  • Do not allow to close fieldsets with empty required fields (see contao/core#8300).
  • Make the path related properties of the File class binary-safe (see contao/core#8295).
  • Correctly validate and decode IDNA e-mail addresses (see contao/core#8306).
  • Skip forward pages entirely in the book navigation module (see contao/core#5074).
  • Do not add the X-Priority header in the Email class (see contao/core#8298).
  • Determine the search index checksum in a more reliable way (see contao/core#7652).

4.1.2 (2016-03-22)

  • Handle derived classes in the exception converter (see #462).
  • Prevent the autofocus attribute from being added multiple times (see contao/core#8281).
  • Respect the SSL settings of the root page when generating sitemaps (see contao/core#8270).
  • Read from the temporary file if it has not been closed yet (see contao/core#8269).
  • Always use HTTPS if the target server supports SSL connections (see contao/core#8183).
  • Adjust the meta wizard field length to the column length (see contao/core#8277).
  • Correctly handle custom mime icon paths (see contao/core#8275).
  • Show the 404 error page if an unpublished article is requested (see contao/core#8264).
  • Correctly count the URLs when rebuilding the search index (see contao/core#8262).
  • Ensure that every image has a width and height attribute (see contao/core#8162).
  • Set the correct mime type when embedding SVG images (see contao/core#8245).
  • Handle the "float_left" and "float_right" classes in the back end (see contao/core#8239).
  • Consider the fallback language if a page alias is ambiguous (see contao/core#8142).
  • Fix the error 403/404 redirect (see contao/website#74).

4.1.1 (2016-03-03)

  • Remove the "disable IP check" field from the back end settings (see #436).
  • Do not quote the search string in FIND_IN_SET() (see #424).
  • Always fix the domain and language when generating URLs (see contao/core#8238).
  • Fix two issues with the flexible back end theme (see contao/core#8227).
  • Correctly toggle custom page type icons (see contao/core#8236).
  • Correctly render the links in the monthly/yearly event list menu (see contao/core#8140).
  • Skip the registration related fields if a user is duplicated (see contao/core#8185).
  • Correctly show the form field type help text (see contao/core#8200).
  • Correctly create the initial version of a record (see contao/core#8141).
  • Correctly show the "expand preview" buttons (see contao/core#8146).
  • Correctly check that a password does not match the username (see contao/core#8209).
  • Check if a directory exists before executing mkdir() (see contao/core#8150).
  • Do not link to the maintenance module if the user cannot access it (see contao/core#8151).
  • Show the "new folder" button in the template manager (see contao/core#8138).

4.1.0 (2015-11-26)

  • Log e-mails in the database instead of a log file (see #413).
  • Use events to modify the front end preview URL.
  • Handle closures in the back end help controller (see #408).
  • Fix saving the image size widget if no option is selected (see #411).
  • Correctly set the ID when toggling fields via Ajax (see contao/core#8043).

4.1.0-RC1 (2015-11-10)

  • Limit access to the image sizes per user or user group (see #319).
  • Support the Lexik maintenance bundle if it is installed (see #283).
  • Throw an exception instead of redirecting to /contao?act=error (see #395).
  • Make the image caching and target path configurable (see #381).
  • Call the load_callback when loading the page/file tree via ajax (see #398).
  • Load the random_compat library in the Composer script handler (see #397).
  • Never cache a page if there are messages (see #343).
  • Adjust the code to be compatible with PHP7 (see contao/core#8018).
  • Fix several issues with the new file search and add the type:file and type:folder flags (see #392).
  • Only warm the Contao cache if the installation has been completed (see #383).
  • Support retrieving services in System::import() and System::importStatic() (see #376).
  • Handle an empty input in the meta wizard (see #382).
  • Use the kernel.terminate event for the command scheduler (see #244).
  • Support news and event links in the front end preview (see contao/core#7504).

4.1.0-beta1 (2015-10-21)

  • Add all translations which are at least 95% complete.
  • Update the hash of an existing file in Dbafs::addResource() (see contao/core#7828).
  • Add a more accurate e-mail validation with unicode support (see #367).
  • Add the "env::base_url" insert tag (see #322).
  • Make the file manager and file picker searchable (see contao/core#7196).
  • Show the website title in the back end (see contao/core#7840).
  • Re-send the activation mail upon a second registration attempt (see contao/core#7992).
  • Always show the "save and edit" button (see contao/core#3567).
  • Highlight the rows on hover via CSS (see contao/core#7837).
  • Show the important part in the file tree (see contao/core#7865).
  • Also show the field names in "edit multiple" mode (see contao/core#7868).
  • Add a button to remove single images from the file tree selection (see contao/core#6684).
  • Support overwriting resources in app/Resources/contao (see #314).