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Contao core bundle change log

4.2.5 (2016-10-27)

  • Unlock members after password change (see contao/core#8545).
  • Register an alias for the language fallback page model (see contao/core#8544).
  • Correctly calculate the maximum length of (see contao/core#8536).
  • Correctly add the headline if a content element is versionized (see contao/core#8502).
  • Optimize the DCA sorting filter for date fields (see contao/core#8485).
  • Do not show version entries of deleted files (see contao/core#8480).
  • Redirect the empty URL depending on language and alias name (see contao/core#8498).
  • Apply specialchars() to widget attributes (see contao/core#8505).
  • Queue the requests when rebuilding the search index (see contao/core#8449).
  • Correctly determine the form field names in the file manager (see #600).
  • Correctly show the maximum file size in the form upload widget (see #595).
  • Correctly encode e-mail addresses in the text element (see #594).
  • Do not parse front end templates twice (see #599).
  • Correctly set host and scheme in the URL generator (see #592).
  • Correctly reload the page and file trees in "edit multiple" mode.
  • Correctly normalize the paths in the symlink command.

4.2.4 (2016-09-21)

  • Handle special character passwords in the "close account" module (see contao/core#8455).
  • Handle broken SVG files in the Image and File class (see contao/core#8470).
  • Reduce the maximum field length by the file extension length (see contao/core#8472).
  • Fall back to the field name if there is no label (see contao/core#8461).
  • Do not assume NULL by default for binary fields (see contao/core#8477).
  • Correctly render the diff view if not the latest version is active (see contao/core#8481).
  • Update the list of countries and languages (see contao/core#8453).
  • Correctly set up the MooTools CDN URL (see contao/core#8458).
  • Also check the URL length when determining the search URL (see contao/core#8460).
  • Only regenerate the session ID upon login.

4.2.3 (2016-09-06)

  • Do not double URL encode the content syndication links.
  • Use CSS3 transforms instead of transitions to animate the off-canvas navigation.
  • Improve the exception handling when using the resource locator (see #557).
  • Correctly reset the filter menu in parent view.
  • Support all characters but =!<> and whitespace in simple tokens (see contao/core#8436).
  • Check the user's permission when generating links in the picker (see contao/core#8407).
  • Handle forward pages without target in the navigation modules (see contao/core#8377).
  • Provide the same template variables for downloads and enclosures (see contao/core#8392).
  • Handle %n when parsing date formats (see contao/core#8411).
  • Fix the module wizard's accessibility (see contao/core#8391).
  • Correctly initialize TinyMCE in sub-palettes in Firefox (see contao/core#3673).
  • Validate form field names more accurately (see contao/core#8403).
  • Correctly show the ctime, mtime and atime of a folder (see contao/core#8408).
  • Correctly index changed pages (see contao/core#8439).

4.2.2 (2016-07-28)

  • Adjust the command scheduler default configuration.
  • Check if the tl_cron table exists in the command scheduler (see #541).
  • Correctly merge the legacy headers so front end users can log in again.

4.2.1 (2016-07-15)

  • Strip soft hyphens when indexing a page (see contao/core#8389).
  • Do not run the command scheduler if the installation is incomplete (see #541).
  • Do not index randomly ordered image galleries.
  • Fix the filter menu layout on mobile devices.
  • Provide the back end fonts in different variants (see #523).
  • Fix the message markup in the member templates.
  • Correctly load the language strings in the pretty error screen listener.

4.2.0 (2016-06-18)

  • Also check for the back end cookie when loading from cache (see contao/core#8249).
  • Unset "mode" and "pid" upon save and edit (see contao/core#8292).
  • Always use the relative path in DC_Folder (see contao/core#8370).
  • Use the correct empty value when resetting copied fields (see contao/core#8365).
  • Remove the "required" attribute if a subpalette is closed (see contao/core#8192).
  • Correctly calculate the maximum file size for DropZone (see contao/core#8098).
  • Versionize and show password changes (see contao/core#8301).
  • Make File::$dirname an absolute path again (see contao/core#8325).
  • Store the full URLs in the search index (see #491).
  • Standardize the group names in the checkbox widget (see contao/core#8002).
  • Prevent models from being registered twice (see contao/core#8224).
  • Prevent horizontal scrolling in the ACE editor (see contao/core#8328).
  • Correctly render the breadcrumb links in the template editor (see contao/core#8341).
  • Remove the role attributes from the navigation templates (see contao/core#8343).
  • Do not add role="tablist" to the accordion container (see contao/core#8344).
  • Handle the useAutoItem option in the URL generator (see #489).
  • Correctly implement the "autoplay" option in the YouTube/Vimeo element (see #509).
  • Show the system messages in a modal dialog (see #486).
  • Make DropZone the default uploader in the file manager (see #504).
  • Correctly aling the input hints (see #503).
  • Disable the "preview as" button if a member is not allowed to log in (see #502).
  • Remove the "type" attribute from the Youtube/Vimeo iframe tag.
  • Fix the filter reset buttons (see #496).
  • Fix the filename case of the new SVG icons (see #492).

4.2.0-RC1 (2016-05-18)

  • Add the URI when throwing 403 and 404 exceptions (see #369).
  • Correctly determine the script_name in the Environment class (see #426).
  • Add the URL generator (see #480).
  • Support subpalettes in subpalettes (see #450).
  • Add keys to the cronjobs array (see #440).

4.2.0-beta1 (2016-04-25)

  • Remove the internal cache routines from the maintenance module (see #459).
  • Modernize the back end theme and use SVG icons (see contao/core#4608).
  • Add the PaletteManipulator class to modify DCA palettes (see #474).
  • Optimize the jQuery and MooTools templates (see contao/core#8017).
  • Show the record ID and table name in the diff view (see contao/core#5800).
  • Add a "reset filters" button (see contao/core#6239).
  • Support filters in the tree view (see contao/core#7074).
  • Recursively replace insert tags (see #473).
  • Add the Vimeo content element (see contao/core#8219).
  • Improve the YouTube element (see contao/core#7514).
  • Update the Piwik tracking code (see contao/core#8229).
  • Use instanceof to check the return value of Model::getRelated() (see #451).
  • Use the Composer class loader to load the Contao classes (see #437).
  • Add the "ignoreFePreview" flag to the model classes (see #452).
  • Clean up the code of the file selector (see #456).