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Contao core bundle change log

4.3.11 (2017-06-02)

  • Fix an incompatibility issue with Symfony 3.3 (see #760).

4.3.10 (2017-05-16)

  • Correctly save and duplicate in the parent view (see #797).
  • Correctly skip hidden items in the sitemap module (see #818).
  • Correctly cache the unique keys in the SQL cache (see contao/core#8712).
  • Correctly generate the Contao language cache (see #784).

4.3.9 (2017-04-25)

4.3.8 (2017-04-24)

  • Inline small images in protected folders in the file manager (see #636).
  • Correctly encode the URL in the DataContainer::switchToEdit() method (see #762).
  • Fix the parent view drag and drop in Firefox (see #666).
  • Correctly display the search results in the extended tree view (see #739).
  • Update the Punycode library to version 2 (see #748).
  • Fix the "delete file" button for non-admin users (see #764).
  • Prevent endless loops in the book navigation module (see contao/core#8665).
  • Limit the maximum size of dimensionless SVGs in the back end (see contao/core#8684).
  • Correctly support 64 character template names everywhere (see contao/core#6819).
  • Remove the UTF-8 BOM when combining files (see contao/core#8689).
  • Correctly move folders with an "@" in their name (see contao/core#8674).
  • Correctly redirect to the last page visited upon login (see contao/core#8632).

4.3.7 (2017-03-23)

  • Check the database connection in the WebsiteRootsConfigProvider class.
  • Fix the %2B conversion in the Controller::addToUrl() method.

4.3.6 (2017-03-22)

  • Correctly initialize custom entry points (see #713).
  • Correctly parse Doctrine SQL arrays in DCA files (see #721).
  • Also apply the tree view filter settings to the child table (see #716).
  • Also delete the symlink if a public folder is deleted (see #710).
  • Use the selected template for custom sections (see #703).
  • Handle absolute URLs in Environment::requestUri() (see contao/core#8661).
  • Correctly store numbers with leading zero in the Config class (see contao/core#4035).
  • Delete an old search entry if the new URL is more canonical (see contao/core#8647).
  • Also make Folder::$dirname an absolute path again (see contao/core#8325).
  • Reduce the meta description length to 160 characters (see #706).
  • Do not add empty author tags to an Atom feed (see contao/news-bundle#9).
  • Fix the position of the sort hint if the widget is not the first one (see #722).

4.3.5 (2017-02-14)

  • Skip the incomplete installation test in the install tool.
  • Correctly generate the front end URLs in the article module (see #673).

4.3.3 (2016-01-23)

  • Fix removing the pagination limit in the back end (see #675).
  • Fix the version constraints of the manager plugin.

4.3.2 (2017-01-18)

  • Correctly handle nested public folders when symlinking a folder.
  • Correctly handle SVGZ files in the file manager (see contao/core#8624).
  • Prevent an endless redirect loop if the page alias is "/" (see contao/core#8560).
  • Correctly parse German dates with two digit years in MooTools (see contao/core#8593).
  • Correctly add new resources to the user/group permissions (see contao/core#8583).
  • Trigger the auto-submit function in the date picker (see contao/core#8603).
  • Call the load callback when loading page/file picker nodes (see contao/core#7702).

4.3.1 (2016-12-22)

  • Preserve uppercase characters in custom sections IDs (see #639).
  • Always show the section title instead of its ID (see #640).
  • Correctly handle DropZone file uploads (see #637).
  • Fix the markup of the CSV importers (see #645).
  • Correctly symlink the logs directory under Windows (see #634).

4.3.0 (2016-11-25)

  • Do not cache pages if a back end user is logged in (see #628).
  • Correctly show error messages in the login module (see #610).
  • Do not hardcode paths in the contao:install and contao:symlinks commands.
  • Store absolute paths in the template loader cache (see #607).

4.3.0-RC1 (2016-10-31)

  • Set the secure cookie flag when using SSL (see contao/core#8474).
  • Allow to select a custom form template (see contao/core#8454).
  • Do not show protected elements if "show unpublished elements" is enabled (see contao/core#8149).
  • Scroll form error messages into view (see contao/core#8044).
  • Add a "title" field to the meta wizard (see #601).
  • Support using namespaces and use statements in DCA and config files (see contao/core#8530).
  • Make the back end navigation keyboard navigable (see contao/core#8526).
  • Correctly set host and scheme in the URL generator (see #592).
  • Add the "save and duplicate" button (see contao/core#8510).
  • Add more flexible custom layout sections (see contao/core#6630).
  • Make all wizards sortable via keyboard (see #583).
  • Add CSS classes to image sizes (see #555).
  • Improve the responsiveness of the back end theme.
  • Provide an image service to handle image and picture elements (see #342).
  • Allow to adjust the Contao configuration by adding settings under "contao.localconfig" (see #521).
  • Make script combination optional in case the website supports HTTP/2 (see #484).
  • Automatically find the template files.
  • Make the legacy configuration files optional (see #521).
  • Move the analytics templates to the head section (see contao/core#8182).