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base fork: contao/core
head fork: contao/core
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer The numeric file mounts of a user were overridden by the real paths (…
…see #5083)
@leofeyer leofeyer Consider the sorting order of external style sheets (see #5038) fe86de7
@leofeyer leofeyer The news archive model might be empty in the news module (see #5048) e6acf84
Commits on Dec 07, 2012
@ausi ausi fixed empty headlines in faq page front end module 63e4d9c
Commits on Dec 20, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Merged the latest hotfix/2.11.8 changes dd02dde
@tobaco tobaco Allow for-Attribute for Select-Menu
The label for Select-Menus in forms didn't have a for-attribute.
@tristanlins tristanlins Prevent oversizing of colorbox lightbox. 70e94a7
@leofeyer leofeyer Corrected the main column margin when using the layout builder in com…
…bination with the responsive grid (see #5170)
@aschempp aschempp Ignore jQuery event binding if the element does not support binding e4fe8b6
@leofeyer leofeyer Scan templates in the autoload creator even if there are no classes (…
…see #5158)
@discordier discordier Merge pull request #5163 from Discordier/issue-5152 deed5d3
@leofeyer leofeyer Consider the dynamic ptable when copying/deleting content elements (see 6372c7a
@leofeyer leofeyer The table content element did not assign the correct CSS class names …
…when there was only one row and one column (see #5140)
@leofeyer leofeyer Merge pull request #5127 from madeyourday/fix/faq-page-headlines eadccd1
@leofeyer leofeyer Return an integer in `Model::countBy()` instead of a string (see #5110) 7671e3e
@leofeyer leofeyer Handle incorrectly closed indexer comments (see #5119) ad2eeca
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not create content elements for news and events which redirect to …
…articles, pages or external URLs during the version 3 update (fixes #5117)
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not cache the `system/cron/cron.txt` file (fixes #5105) 960a35e
@leofeyer leofeyer Purge the internal cache after a module has been (de)activated (fixes #… d9b3937
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly support absolute image paths in the combiner (fixes #5082) 76ec374
@leofeyer leofeyer Store the whole database row in `Calendar::addEvent()` so e.g. RSS fe…
…eds with the event text instead of just the teaser are being rendered (fixes #5085)
@leofeyer leofeyer Added support for `CURRENT_DATE`, `CURRENT_TIME` and `CURRENT_TIMESTA…
…MP` to the database installer (fixes #5089)
@leofeyer leofeyer Added an option to load models uncached (see #5102) 7781886
@leofeyer leofeyer The gallery and downloads element now support using the user's home d…
…irectory again (fixes #5113)
@leofeyer leofeyer The newsletter system did not yet handle file ID attachments (fixes #… cf7432e
@leofeyer leofeyer Convert automatically generated article alias names if the page uses …
…folder URL style alias names (fixes #5168)
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not move resources in the file manager if the targets exist. Other…
…wise the database might get out of sync with the file system (fixes #5145)
@leofeyer leofeyer Small adjustmend of the uncached option (see #5102) d5b01be
@leofeyer leofeyer Made `Model::getPk()` and `Model::getTable()` static (see #5128) 42a6660
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated all language files and added the Slovenian and Hungarian tran…
@leofeyer leofeyer Removed left-over debug code bea287c
Commits on Dec 25, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Readded version 3.1.0 beta1 to the ER d1f22a1
Commits on Dec 27, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Turns out we do not need any kind of adjustment if the layout builder…
… and the responsive grid are combined (see #5170)
@leofeyer leofeyer Better style sheet comments display 37d888b
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Moved the basic form formatting to a separate component 806a36f
@leofeyer leofeyer More robust grid matching 72ea750
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Slight adjusments to the buttons behaviour 982958a
@leofeyer leofeyer Allow to select multiple pagemounts f4c3e1a
Commits on Dec 30, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Consider the dynamic ptable when copying/deleting content elements (see 70848f3
@leofeyer leofeyer Skip the `auto_item` parameter itself when building front end URLs c100c71
Commits on Jan 01, 2013
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not override a given order value in a model 3649bf7
@leofeyer leofeyer Merged the latest version 2.11 changes 506cccf
@leofeyer leofeyer Make sure there is a minimal MooTools core version for the command sc…
…heduler (see #5195)
Commits on Jan 02, 2013
@leofeyer leofeyer Adjusted the copyright to 2013 13267a6
@leofeyer leofeyer Merged the latest version 2.11 changes 265b71a
@leofeyer leofeyer Translate timestamps into readable dates in `DC_Table::show()` (see #… e6ab7f9
@leofeyer leofeyer Find e-mail addresse like `` in `String::encodeEmail()` (see #… 8e03685
@leofeyer leofeyer Random images now open in the lightbox if configured (see #5191) 7b7c0d4
@leofeyer leofeyer Consider the `save_callback` of the password field in `tl_user` when …
…a back end user is forced to change his password (see #5138)
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not send a 404 header if an enclosure is requested and cannot be f…
…ind by a module; there might be another module which can (see #5178)
@leofeyer leofeyer Update the database if a file is being uploaded in the front end (see #… bfdf9dd
Commits on Jan 03, 2013
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated all links to (see #5202) 80e04c3
@leofeyer leofeyer Throw an `OutOfBoundsException` in case of an invalid date (see #5086) 0462676
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly build the comments subscription confirmation URL (fixes #5201) a373e95
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not try to limit the template selection to a particular theme but …
…show all available themes instead (see #5095)
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated all language files d7ef28b
@leofeyer leofeyer Modules and Hybrids included via content element were shown even if t…
…he content element was invisible or not published (see #5203)
@leofeyer leofeyer Replaced `new Array()` with `[]` in the tablesorter script da8467f
@leofeyer leofeyer Throw an error if FileTree or PageTree widgets are left blank althoug…
…h they are marked as mandatory in the DCA (see #5131)
Commits on Jan 04, 2013
@leofeyer leofeyer Lazy load the templates in the DCA so the install tool does not break…
… (see #5210)
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@leofeyer leofeyer Made a few minor changes to the form component of the CSS framework (…
…see #5214)
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated all language files 3f339b7
@leofeyer leofeyer Version 3.0.2 candidate 4fee3aa
@leofeyer leofeyer Merge branch 'hotfix/3.0.2' 83ba866