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Visual Clue for submitOnChange #3736

rogerramjet opened this Issue Dec 29, 2011 · 2 comments

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I'd like to propose that all fields (checkboxes,textfields,select menus etc) with submitOnChange=>true have a submitonchange class applied to them - perhaps a blue border?? - so that they are visually identified.

I ask this because changing these fields without knowing that they do something, and then proceeding to change/fill other fields before the submit is complete often loses data or leads to errors.
This happens because some submits may run complex routines, or the connection may be slow .
Although checkboxes to alter the palette are generally fast, selects that alter the palette are slower.

Anyway, an obvious visual clue that "something is going to happen if i change this, and i need to wait for it to complete" would improve useability IMO.

Cheers guys, murray.

fbender commented Jan 6, 2012



I raised this in another ticket, but it relates more to this one...

In 2.10 I use this to make submitOnChange select fields blue-bordered .... eval('style'=>'border-color:blue;')

But in 2.11 this has no effect anymore.
I cannot find a way to override the default selectfield style in 2.11 (that DID work in 2.10)

The above request for a Visual Clue would solve this.

@leofeyer leofeyer modified the milestone: x.x.x Apr 15, 2016
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