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Fix empty css definition, #3830 #3840

wants to merge 283 commits into from

a selector with no properties was not handled correctly. the opening { was removed.
removed substr method call because it caused the bug. its purpose was unknown.

EDIT: looks like i pushed to the wrong branch. should have been 2.11.x. there is another pull request for the same bug at #3847

leofeyer added some commits Oct 17, 2011
@leofeyer leofeyer Finally removed the old one-column back end form layout (#3534). f1044c0
@leofeyer leofeyer #3537 8f9f7e7
@leofeyer leofeyer Merging the latest version 2.10 changes 082a7a6
@leofeyer leofeyer Mark disabled format definitions in the style sheet editor (see #3368) 4f9286e
@leofeyer leofeyer Replaced is_null() with === null (see #3533). 83e67e9
@leofeyer leofeyer #3539 43d7fa9
@leofeyer leofeyer Added MooTools 1.4.1 (see #3456) 96e6e73
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated the IDNA plugin to version 0.8.0 (see #3481) ac54a72
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated SimplePie to version 1.2.1 (see #3482) c7c0b6b
@leofeyer leofeyer Added SimplePie PHP 5 compatibility (can't believe it is still PHP 4!) a845bdc
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated CodeMirror to version 2.15 (see #3475) 642876e
@leofeyer leofeyer #3427 d1830ca
@leofeyer leofeyer Optionally add the language string as first URL parameter 4dadaa2
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a language switcher that works with the new URLs from r1080 995ef42
@leofeyer leofeyer Moved the task center to a separate module 387aab3
@leofeyer leofeyer Moved the task center to a separate module (part 2) 8e71ab7
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a hook to add system messages to the back end welcome screen (see d5368c7
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a rudimentary abstraction layer for messages stored in the session c00cf7b
@leofeyer leofeyer Message layer fine-tuning e8e9430
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a new regexp type to validate a comma separated list of e-mail …
…addresses (see #2899)
@leofeyer leofeyer Added support for the tabindex, placeholder and size attribute to the…
… form generator (see #1505, #3241 and #2394)
@leofeyer leofeyer #3572 6344b98
@leofeyer leofeyer #3411 0e59b43
@leofeyer leofeyer Added support for the "placeholder" and "required" attributes in HTML…
…5 forms
@leofeyer leofeyer Revised the back end JavaScript 4437496
@leofeyer leofeyer Global style sheet variables can now also be defined in the theme set…
…tings (see #3366)
@leofeyer leofeyer Name all uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files *-uncompressed a390418
@leofeyer leofeyer Form attribute fine-tuning 36cbf45
@leofeyer leofeyer Version 2.11 compatible music_academy.sql 0329ddc
@leofeyer leofeyer HTML5 form attribute fine-tuning 8ab34a5
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a cache for getPageDetails() and outsourced the cache functiona…
…lity into a separate library (see #3577)
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the "getArticle" hook (see #2332) ac07e69
@leofeyer leofeyer Pass the content elements as array to the mod_article template (see #… e3ff9a9
@leofeyer leofeyer #3265 21d3018
@leofeyer leofeyer #3265 8306ca3
@leofeyer leofeyer Custom TinyMCE configuration files do not have to start with "tiny" a…
…nymore (see #3582)
@leofeyer leofeyer #3265 c1633ad
@leofeyer leofeyer Removed the page properties from the "env" insert tag and added a "pa…
…ge" insert tag instead
@leofeyer leofeyer The local configuration files are now generated by the install tool (…
…see #3586).
@leofeyer leofeyer Fine-tuning #3586 02c522f
@leofeyer leofeyer SVN ignores cd63d34
@leofeyer leofeyer Fixed a small issue with the cache key ed21336
@leofeyer leofeyer Compressed all JavaScripts with UglifyJS instead of YUI compressor (see 2ca8c44
@leofeyer leofeyer Replaced @include with if (file_exists()) include (see #3586) 932d76d
@leofeyer leofeyer Merging the latest version 2.10 changes d3267fe
@leofeyer leofeyer #2669 46138c9
@leofeyer leofeyer #3500 66a3878
@leofeyer leofeyer Also embed background images in newsletters and e-mails (see #2659) 016023e
@leofeyer leofeyer Replaced the rel="lightbox" attribute with data-lightbox="" in all HT…
…ML5 templates
@leofeyer leofeyer Throw a 404 error if a request is mapped to Contao but the URL suffix…
… does not match (see #2864)
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated CodeMirror to version 2.16 (see #3475) 0ca85ea
@leofeyer leofeyer #3449 7ade7e2
@leofeyer leofeyer #3449 e28783a
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a "chosen" widget to the templates editor (see #3587) 6fda7ac
@leofeyer leofeyer Checkbox margin fix 2b7c22a
@leofeyer leofeyer Merging the latest version 2.10 changes 9549784
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a nice cross-browser select menu style (progressive enhancement) a36e6c4
@leofeyer leofeyer Follow-up on #3587 d01ad65
@leofeyer leofeyer Follow-up on #3587 21df2ac
@leofeyer leofeyer #3581 13443c7
@leofeyer leofeyer The page language is now determined by the root page language (see #3580
@leofeyer leofeyer In a news archive module you can now optionally add a news reader module d0fff87
@leofeyer leofeyer Added FAQ permissions in the back end (see #2682) f72ff64
@leofeyer leofeyer #3449 e1b1bf8
@leofeyer leofeyer #3492 34ce64d
@leofeyer leofeyer The Contao framework style sheet (system/contao.css) is now included …
…in the combined CSS file (see #3609)
@leofeyer leofeyer The Contao framework style sheet (system/contao.css) is now included …
…in the combined CSS file (see #3609)
@leofeyer leofeyer Version 2.11.beta1 candidate 2ab7074
@leofeyer leofeyer In an event list module you can now optionally add an event reader mo…
@leofeyer leofeyer #2890 1c1d663
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the "getFrontendModule" hook (see #3244), the "getCountries" ho…
…ok (see #2819) and the "getForm" hook
@leofeyer leofeyer #2511 ea5fffc
@leofeyer leofeyer #3438 715a93a
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the "getCacheKey" hook (see #3288) 3e21e4e
@leofeyer leofeyer Pass the page data to the breadcrumb template as (see #3607) efb1900
@leofeyer leofeyer Allow multiple style sheet and JavaScript files in back end modules (…
…see #3600)
@leofeyer leofeyer Follow-up on #2890: Use the findInSet() method of the Database class d3a5c69
@leofeyer leofeyer Make the "loading data" message translatable (see #1847) 340090b
@leofeyer leofeyer Mark active filter select menus (see #3617) 0f9b93e
@leofeyer leofeyer Set the locale string in a method 9af5c83
@leofeyer leofeyer Add rel="prev" and rel="next" links to the page header if there is a …
…pagination module (see #3515)
@leofeyer leofeyer Replaced all count() < 1 with empty() 1920b41
@leofeyer leofeyer count() replacement fine-tuning 9429330
@leofeyer leofeyer count() replacement fine-tuning 2f6e7e2
@leofeyer leofeyer Removed the language switcher in favorite of the changelanguage exten…
@leofeyer leofeyer Move the chosen initialization from the DataContainer class to the se…
…lect widget
@leofeyer leofeyer Removed the "parse style sheet" option from the newsletter reader 16ea06e
@leofeyer leofeyer Show columns in list view (part 1) 0935156
@leofeyer leofeyer Show columns in list view (part 2) 3251e01
@leofeyer leofeyer Adjusting some meta files 2add961
@leofeyer leofeyer Merging the latest version 2.10 changes 783986b
@leofeyer leofeyer Fixed a redirect problem when the new "add language to URL" feature i…
…s used
@leofeyer leofeyer Added support for Google web fonts to the page layout ad207aa
@leofeyer leofeyer Added keyboard navigation support to the new select menus 0facf90
@leofeyer leofeyer Add :focus support to the new select menus 3f681cf
@leofeyer leofeyer Clear the pathinfo cache after renaming a file 20092c2
@leofeyer leofeyer Check the source and target file when renaming via FTP 0086bbf
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the breadcrumb folder navigation to the template editor (see #3684
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not show the number of comments if a news article forwards to anot…
…her page

or external URL (see #3505)
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the insert tags "email_open" and "email_url" (see #3514) 9d63037
leofeyer added some commits Jan 5, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Database::next() did not correctly handle the internal index (#3762) a334cd6
@leofeyer leofeyer The front controller now works with the `index.php` fragment again (see dd2233c
@leofeyer leofeyer Provide an ID for single lightbox images in HTML5 (see #3742) 0691732
@leofeyer leofeyer Added an option to include dynamically added style sheets in the comb…
…ined CSS

file (see #3161)
@leofeyer leofeyer The static URL is now prepended automatically and does not need to be…
… added in your custom script (see #3469)
@leofeyer leofeyer #3595 f3d2ebe
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the CSS class "trail" to the back end navigation (see #3301) d686a03
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the "sqlCompileCommands", "sqlGetFromFile" and "sqlGetFromDB" h…
…ooks (see #3281)
@leofeyer leofeyer Automatically switch to an SSL connection when
running the Live Update (see #3538)
@leofeyer leofeyer Select menus using the "chosen" plugin were not displayed when they w…
…ere in a

collapsed palette (see #3627)
@leofeyer leofeyer Variable CSV delimiter (see #3635 and #2890) f0e649d
@leofeyer leofeyer Remove a page from the search index if it does not exist anymore (see #… c582dc7
@leofeyer leofeyer Contao .gitignore a14d0a5
@leofeyer leofeyer Restore basic entities before auto-generating an alias (see #3767) 21de1c2
@leofeyer leofeyer Mark past and upcoming events (see #3692) dfa6699
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly set the classes "first" and "last" in the RSS reader (see #… ae65488
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly set the CSS ID and class of articles when just their teaser…
… is shown (see #3656)
@leofeyer leofeyer Support the CSS "ex" unit (see #3652) b26efb6
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the Russian and Ukrainian translations for the typolinks" plugi…
…n (see #3648)
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a `chmod()` method to the `File` and `Folder` class (see #3641) aba42f3
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly idna-encode domain names (see #3649) 7db9c9b
@leofeyer leofeyer The FileTree widget requires $this->varValue to be an array (see #3369) 606ec63
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not import commented definitions when importing style sheets (see #… ac0cc9f
@leofeyer leofeyer Return of the color picker (I cannot believe it myself) (see #3228) a3f6e51
@leofeyer leofeyer Replace insert tags in the "article_teaser" insert tag (see #3608) 6389933
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a fallback which loads the local MooTool core script if the Goo…
…gle CDN is not available (thanks to DyaGa) (see #3619)
@leofeyer leofeyer Made the MooTools CND fallback selectable (#3619) c4ccc69
@leofeyer leofeyer Merge pull request #3751 from tristanlins/2.11.x
Correctly URL encode image URLs (see #3751)
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly URL-encode image URLs (part 2) (see #3751) e5a9355
@leofeyer leofeyer Made the sessionID field longer (see #3644) 2e18ed6
@leofeyer leofeyer Support special characters in file names in the popup (see #3622 and …
…also #3751)
@leofeyer leofeyer The Email class now handles files with special characters (see #3713) 1241714
@leofeyer leofeyer Replace "transparency" with "opacity" in the style sheet editor (see #… e50cbbb
@leofeyer leofeyer Added an "isAssociative" flag to the "veal" section of the DCA (see #… a736924
@leofeyer leofeyer Follow-up on #3649 (see #3781) 1933548
@leofeyer leofeyer Force line-breaks in the filter menu so the filters do not exceed the…
… column

width (see #3777)
@leofeyer leofeyer Restore basic entities in the repository catalog (see #3772) 03bff96
@leofeyer leofeyer Format long checkbox labels differently (see #3403) 150c51d
@leofeyer leofeyer Added an option to anonymize IP addresses (see #3406 and #2052) ef5b6af
@leofeyer leofeyer .gitignore addition (see #3784) 945e7f8
@leofeyer leofeyer Using `strrchr()` instead of `preg_match()` (see #3773) 27db3f8
@leofeyer leofeyer Added a "header_callback" to the parent view (see #3417) 6624d3c
@leofeyer leofeyer Handle "border-color:transparent" when importing style sheets (see #3674
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly import the "border-radius" command (see #3634) 920dd7a
@leofeyer leofeyer Preserve DOCTYPEs when minifying JavaScript (see #3785) 515956b
@leofeyer leofeyer Support data: URIs in the style sheet generator (see #3661) 4580aec
@leofeyer leofeyer Updated the default cache files dfb2979
@leofeyer leofeyer Corrected the CHMOD settings of the new files b55e31c
fbender commented on f0e649d Jan 9, 2012

This isn't backwards compatible, is it? How about adding something like if ($GLOBALS[…]['csv'] === true) $GLOBALS[…]['csv'] = ',';?

Contao member

It has been added in 2.11 only (#2890) so it's not a feature of a previous stable version that has to be backward compatible ;)

Yeah, that's true ;-). Didn't see that.

leofeyer and others added some commits Jan 10, 2012
@leofeyer leofeyer Copyright update 0bff6a6
@psi-4ward psi-4ward Fixed: Uninitialized var parent overrides global window.parent 2192099
@aschempp aschempp Pass the current object on hooks 66ee444
@dominikzogg dominikzogg add new time ranges to the dca 1d102ca
@dominikzogg dominikzogg add new timeranges to the dca translations 724c1c1
@leofeyer leofeyer Fixed the case-insensitive search in the back end (see #3789) 26ecd07
@leofeyer leofeyer Textual dates do not break the "registration" and "personal data" mod…
…ule anymore
@leofeyer leofeyer Removed CRLF (see #3797) e500654
@leofeyer leofeyer Merge pull request #3793 from aschempp/hook-with-object f07c6e3
@leofeyer leofeyer Added three missing countries (see #3791) e37a8ec
@leofeyer leofeyer Merge pull request #3790 from psi-4ward/2.11.x 82fefbe
@leofeyer leofeyer Follow-up on #3790 9c5dabd
@leofeyer leofeyer Do not generate news or calendar feeds if there is no target page (see 104d775
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the `copyTo()` method to the `File` and `Folder` class (see #3800) 38c46a5
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the `getCookie()` hook (see #3233) db7a076
@leofeyer leofeyer Encrypt the default value of an encrypted field (see #3740) a8c6402
@dominikzogg dominikzogg removed current day (it's useless in my view) 0969bdf
@dominikzogg dominikzogg fix typo 308aa48
@dominikzogg dominikzogg add english translation for the current month/year future and past 2bfc733
@dominikzogg dominikzogg add logic for current month/year past and future 3106469
@dominikzogg dominikzogg removed current day (it's useless in my view) 39ce87d
@leofeyer leofeyer Added the "getRootPageFromUrl" hook 03cd541
@leofeyer leofeyer Merge pull request #3801 from dominikzogg/2.11.x 06bc01f
@leofeyer leofeyer Version 2.10.RC2 8d435d0
@leofeyer leofeyer The stylist plugin did not work in IE < 9 (see #3628) 4266c60
@leofeyer leofeyer Correctly redirect when using an include content element (see #3766) 26c1d3b

Are you sure this is the desired effect? If there is a hook but it does not return a database object, the following "if-else" is never run.

Contao member

@aschempp You are right, of course. Fixed in db1af3d.

xchs commented on 0bff6a6 Jan 16, 2012

In der .htaccess.default wäre noch das Copyright upzudaten: L3 und L22

xchs commented on 6133eb4 Jan 18, 2012

This commit doesn't work for me. There are now problems with file paths, e.g. if I want to run the Contao install tool I get:

<title>Contao-Installtool - Contao Open Source CMS 2.11</title>
<base href="http://git.musicacademy.local/">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="TL_SCRIPT_URLplugins/stylect/css/stylect.css" media="all">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="TL_SCRIPT_URLsystem/themes/default/basic.css" media="all">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="TL_SCRIPT_URLsystem/themes/default/install.css" media="all">
<!--[if IE]><link rel="stylesheet" href="TL_SCRIPT_URLsystem/themes/default/iefixes.css"><![endif]-->
<script>var CONTAO_THEME="default",CONTAO_COLLAPSE="Bereich schließen",CONTAO_EXPAND="Bereich öffnen",CONTAO_LOADING="Die Daten werden geladen",CONTAO_SCRIPT_URL="TL_SCRIPT_URL",REQUEST_TOKEN="520757881bb20bcd2fb70ac1b9ac00f9";</script>
<script src="TL_PLUGINS_URLplugins/mootools/1.4.2/mootools-core.js"></script>
<script src="TL_PLUGINS_URLplugins/mootools/1.4.2/mootools-more.js"></script>

<script src="TL_SCRIPT_URLplugins/stylect/js/stylect.js"></script>
<script src="TL_SCRIPT_URLcontao/contao.js"></script>
<script src="TL_SCRIPT_URLsystem/themes/default/hover.js"></script>
<!--[if lt IE 9]><script src="TL_PLUGINS_URLplugins/html5shim/html5-3.js"></script><![endif]-->
Contao member

See #3827

@leofeyer leofeyer closed this Jan 25, 2012
Contao member

its purpose was unknown

Just because you don't understand the purpose, it does not mean that there is none!

NinaG commented on f875963 Feb 10, 2012

Es ist manchmal einfach nur beruhigend, wenn man auf ein Problem hinweisen will ... und dann merkt, dass du es schon längst gelöst hast und man nur noch bis zum Update warten muss. Danke :)


Since Contao 3 uses now namespaces we should mention here PHP 5.3 as a prerequisite.

Contao member

Will be changed in the next commit.

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