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Contao 4 skeleton bundle

Contao is an Open Source PHP Content Management System for people who want a professional website that is easy to maintain. Visit the project website for more information.

You can use the skeleton bundle as basis for your own Contao bundle.


Download the skeleton bundle:

mv skeleton-bundle-master [package name]
cd [package name]


First adjust the following files:

  • .php_cs.php
  • composer.json
  • phpunit.xml.dist

Then rename the following files and/or the references to SkeletonBundle in the following files:

  • src/ContaoManager/Plugin.php
  • src/DependencyInjection/ContaoSkeletonExtension.php
  • src/ContaoSkeletonBundle.php
  • tests/ContaoSkeletonBundleTest.php

Finally add your custom classes and resources.


Run the PHP-CS-Fixer and the unit test before you release your bundle:

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix -v