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Contao Short Link Service (

This repo contains short links related to the Contao Open Source CMS project.

Please note that no pull requests with short links for extensions, commercial products or anything similar will be accepted.


All short links have to be added to the redirects.yaml file.

The easiest redirect is a language-independent short link for a longer URL such as:


This will generate the short link and redirect to you

If you want to have language-dependent redirects, you can configure them like so:


In this case, the Accept-Language header of the visitor is going to be analyzed, and they are being redirected to the best available option. Note that if there's no match, the first target is going to be selected. So your fallback should always be listed first (most likely en). This also works for extended language keys like de-CH in which case, de is going to be selected.

If you want to force a certain language, you can use

All redirects are 307 Temporary Redirects and cached for 24 hours.