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Welcome to the Content Manager Community repo!


To start with this site is mostly about sample code for the .Net SDK. It may become more than this depending on interest and time.


Before you build the C# samples you must copy any required files (usually at least HP.HPTRIM.SDK.dll and HP.HPTRIM.SDK.xml) from your Content Manager folder to \Samples\CSharp\lib.

32 versus 64 bit

As the SDK is a wrapper around the underlying unmanaged code it needs to know whether to run in 32 or 64 bit. All samples in this site are built to run 64 bit. To run in 32 bit mode change enable the option 'Prefer 32-bit' in each Project - Properties - Build settings

Sample code compatibility

The sample code in this site should build against the current release of Content Manager (CM) (as at the time of writing 9.0). In general most code should also work with older versions of CM, maybe with a few edits. To change CM version replace Samples/CSharp/lib/HP.HPTRIM.SDK.DLL.

Other resources

The .Net SDK documentation is available.

List Sample Projects

Project Description
TrimUI A simple WPF application to demonstrate the user interface classes in the SDK.
CreateNewDocument A simple application demonstrating creation of a new Record from a RecordType.
BulkDataLoader Combines the BulkDataLoader and Origin to create a high performance import of Records.
ExecutableAddin Sample demonstrates passing parameters via the command line for an EXE add-in.
EventProcessor A custom event to plug into the core event processor and react to object (e.g. Record) related events on the server.
SampleAddIn Custom save and delete behaviour or add items to the menu for various objects (e.g. Records) in the native client.
ImportUsingOrigin A WPF application to import documents based on an Origin.
SimpleServiceAPIPlugin A Simple ServiceAPI plug-in, demonstrates how to call your plug-in from the ServiceAPI client proxy.
MakeReferencePlugin A ServiceAPI plug-in which adds a service to download a TR5 reference file.
AddingGroupMemberships A C# ServiceAPI client application to add a 'Member Of' association between two Locations.
Web Drawer DateRangeSearch Some sample code to transform WebDrawer date search fields from plain text to a date range picker.
ServiceAPI OAuth Console application to connect to the ServiceAPI using ADFS OAuth, plus instructions to configure the ServiceAPI to use OAuth.
Database pool for web services Speed up your RM database connections when building a web service.
ServiceAPI CORS Add CORS support to the ServiceAPI.
ServiceAPI Java A first sample using Java to connect to the ServiceAPI.
ServiceAPI Java file upload Create a Record and attach a file to it using Java.
ServiceAPI Google OAuth2 Authentication Use the ServiceStack Google OAuth2 authentication provider in WebDrawer and the Web Client.
SDK Create Location WPF UI A simple WPF user interface to create a Location.
SDK Record update Find a Record by number and update some of its properties.
ServiceAPI / Web Client SAML support Authenticate the ServiceAPi (including Web Client) using SAML.
Gmail add-on File an email from Gmail with the ability to complete the Record data entry form.
DataPort Custom Formatter Import an XML file containing Record information in Content Manager.
.Net SDK Location Resolver Dynamically locate the .Net SDK DLL.
Excel Connector Fetch results of a Saved Search into Excel from Content Manager.
WebDrawer Results grouped by owner Two alternatives for displaying record search results grouped by owner Location.
Include properties in Record Title A record add-in to replace tags with property or field values.
Power BI connector Source CM data from Power BI
DateTime Converter Operate in the correct time-zone when writing a CM web service.
Blazor sample application Blazor is a Microsoft technology that allows you to build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript.
OpenId Connect Authentication Plugin The OpenId Connect Plugin supports OAuth authentication from any OAuth provider, for both native and web clients. This one plugin should supersede all other OAuth plugins in this repo.
ServiceAPI samples using Nuget package Connect to the Content Manager ServiceAPI using OpenId Connect and the service model library sourced from Nuget.
ServiceAPI samples Object Notifier Get notications of changes to Content Manager data using the Object Notifier.