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Blazor Sample App

Blazor is a Microsoft technology that allows you to build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. This project is the result of creating a new Blazor project in Visual Studio 2019 and then adding some Content Manager SDK code.

Interesting things

The interesting difference between this and a Razor Application (like Content Manager WebDrawer) is that, while it uses Razor syntax, it is a single page interactive application, not a tradition multi-page HTML web site. Another interesting things is that it because we interact directly with the .Net SDK we get some of the benefits that do not come naturally with a web service, for example we can keep the connection open between requests and take better advantage of some of the pre-fetch optimisations in the searching.


This is the result of my first 3 hours with Blazor, it is strictly sample code. Think and test long and carefully before going near a production environment.


Install .Net Core 3.1.102 or later, also while you do not need Visual Studio 2019 to create Blazor apps this project is built with VS 2019. See the getting started page for more help.

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