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Custom EventProcessor

The Event Processor runs along-side the work group server and process events such as content indexing, audit logging, mail notifications and many others. A custom event processor allows for custom event to be processed on the server along with these stock events.

Custom events versus a .Net addin

The most obvious differences between an add-in and a custom event is that the add-in runs in real time on the client machine and the custom event runs on the server when the event processor gets to it. Custom events may interact with a host of different event types, unlike the add-in which fires on save and delete, for example a custom event may fire whenever a document is viewed.

Setup the custom event

To enable the custom event

  • build the project,
  • copy HP.HPTRIM.SDK.SampleEventProcessor.dll to your EXE folder (where TRIMWorkgroup.exe is located),
  • open Enterprise Studio,
  • from your dataset select 'Event Processing > Configure',
  • go to the 'Custom Processes' tab,
  • add you DLL to look like the one in Image 1 (Add-in name can be anything),
  • use the 'Test' button to make sure your add-in can be found then
  • ensure your add-in is enabled on the approprite workgroup server (see Image 2).

Image 1

image 1

Image 2

image 2

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