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Sample Addin

A .Net add-in can be used to customise the behaviour of various objects, such as Record, Location and others. It allows you to intercept various events including:

  • PreDelete
  • Delete
  • PreSave
  • Save
  • and others...

In addition to intercepting events it can be used to add items to the context menu, in the 'Send To' sub menu


To use this sample:

  • build then copy SampleAddin.dll to your EXE directory (the directory where trim.exe resides),
  • in the native client go to Administration > External Links,
  • add a 'New generic add-in (.Net) (see image 1),
  • select which object types this addin should be used by


This addin will write a log file when it is used, to open the log file go to your AuditLogs folder (typicall ServerData[DATABASE ID]\AuditLogs). If the addin is operating then then from the context menu of an object select 'Send To > Sample Menu String

Image 1

image 1

Image 2

image 2

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