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Stream Search

Searching via the TrimMainObject search constructs a sophisticated map of dependent objects for each search result. This is useful in a native application where you expect to access many of the properties of the search result (e.g. the Record) but is less required in a web service style application where you are only interested in a few properties.


The TrimSearchDataStream class does a search that bypasses the pre-fetch stored procedures in the database and also bypasses the caching in the SDK. The benefit is a much faster response for your search, the cost is reduced functionality. The most significant limitation is that the search results are returned not as objects but as a JSON string.

Sample JSON response

The JSON response is in the same format you would expect if this was a ServiceAPI search, as seen here.

        "TrimType": "Record",
        "Uri": 9000000222,
                "TrimType": "Location",
                "Uri": 9000000056,
                "NameString": "Europe",
                "ToolTip": "Europe"
                "Value": "my record title"
                        "__type": "HP.HPTRIM.ServiceModel.TrimProperty`1[[System.Int32, mscorlib]], HP.HPTRIM.ServiceAPI.Model",
                        "Value": 60

Sample Code

The code in this sample does two simple searches, one using a standard search and one using the TrimSearchDataStream. Although there is a timer the difference in speed should be evident with the naked eye.

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