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Component Space SAML SSO Plugin

This sample is an authentication plugin for the Web Client and WebDrawer.


This plugin relies on the Component Space library. You can download a free trial version of Component Space but to use it permanenty you will need to purchase a license.


This sample has been tested on 9.1 but should work in versions from 8.3.


Post any questions regarding this sample in the SDK support forum.

Steps to install

Build project and Copy files

To build the project:

  • copy the files ComponentSpace.SAML2.dll, HP.HPTRIM.ServiceAPI.Common.dll, and HP.HPTRIM.ServiceAPI.Model.dll to the lib folder
  • build the project
  • copy the files ComponentSpace.SAML2.dll, saml.config, and ComponentSpaceSAMLPlugin to your Web Client bin folder

Configure plugin

Edit the file hprmServiceAPI.config and add the folliwng (as a child of the root element):

    <add name="ComponentSpaceSAMLPlugin"/>

Edit SAML config

Edit the file saml.config (which was copied to the Web Client bind folder previously) so that:

  • ServiceProvider\Name == the name of the application in your IdP
  • PartnerIdentityProvider\Name is the URL for your IdP
  • SingleSignOnServiceUrl and SingleLogoutServiceUrl are correct for your IdP
  • PartnerCertificateFile is matched with a certificate sourced from your IdP

Allow anonymous access in the IIS

IIS will not be handling authentication so we use IIS Manager to allow anonymous access only. image 1

Further help

For further assistance, including a run through of configuration in Azure AD, see this post.

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