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MakeReference ServiceAPI Plugin

This sample adds a new service to the ServiceAPI to download a TR5 reference file which maybe used to open a Record (or other object type) in the native client.


To use this sample:

  • Copy these files from your ServiceAPI bin folder to the Samples\ServiceAPI\CSharp\lib folder
    • HP.HPTRIM.SDK.dll
    • HP.HPTRIM.ServiceAPI.Client.dll
    • HP.HPTRIM.ServiceAPI.Common.dll
    • HP.HPTRIM.ServiceAPI.Model.dll
    • ServiceStack.Client.dll
    • ServiceStack.dll
    • ServiceStack.Interfaces.dll
    • ServiceStack.Text.dll
  • build the MakeReferencePlugin project
  • copy MakeReferencePlugin.dll to your ServiceAPI bin folder
  • add the XML below to the hptrim.config file in your ServiceAPI folder

NOTE for HPE CM 8.x users

This sample has been built against HPE CM 9.0 but will work against 8.x with one change. Instead of the DLLs above copy the ones below from the ServiceAPI bin (and then update the project references):

  • HP.HPTRIM.Service.dll
  • HP.HPTRIM.ServiceModel.dll
  • ServiceStack.dll
  • ServiceStack.Common.dll
  • ServiceStack.Interfaces.dll
  • ServiceStack.ServiceInterface.dll
  • ServiceStack.Text.dll

Plugin Configuration

The following XML must be copied as a child of the hptrim element of hptrim.config

    <add name="MakeReferencePlugin" />


Example Config


Once the plugin is installed you should be able to download a TR5 file using a URL similar to this:

Record TR5


Location TR5

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