An example Ionic Framework demo using Contenta CMS as a backend.
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Contenta CMS Ionic Demo

An example Ionic Framework demo using Contenta CMS as a backend.

This project also uses contenta-angular-service, This enables writing code at a high level and never making http calls directly.

It's highly recommended that you use this example application on a mobile device, so that you get to see all the great native features Ionic provides!

Quick preview

Contenta Ionic demo screenshot


  1. Install contenta_jsonapi locally
  2. Edit src/app/app.config.ts and replace baseUrl with your JSON API URL (ex: http://localhost:8888/api)
  3. Ensure that the latest Node 6 LTS and NPM 3+ are installed
  4. Run sudo npm install -g ionic@latest
  5. Run npm install
  6. Run ionic serve -p 1234 where "1234" is an unused port
  7. You're done!

Building iOS/Android packages

Ionic Framework allows you to build packages fit for publishing on the App and Google Play Store. Please read the Ionic documentation for more details.

Progressive web app (PWA) integration

This application includes the minimum headers required to be added to your phone's home screen and behave as a native application. That said, service workers, additional PWA tags, and offline support has not been added yet.