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# This is the default configuration file for the project. This configuration is
# used in any environment unless specifically overridden.
# DO NOT CHANGE THIS FILE. Instead create a new configuration file that holds
# the overwrites as explained in
# Add the URL including the protocol to your Contenta CMS installation.
# Example:
host: http://localhost
# Options for the HTTP client created in helpers/got.js. This uses core's
# agent These options
# will be used both for HTTP and HTTPS.
# It is a good idea to keep the connection alive between the proxy an the
# CMS for performance reasons.
keepAlive: true
# The HTTP client. Use this client to make any kind of HTTP requests.
# These options will be used both for HTTP and HTTPS.
# It may not be a good option to keep the connection alive since got is used
# to make HTTP connections to arbitrary hosts. Like to a weather API.
keepAlive: true
# All responses gotten via 'got' will be cached locally based on the
# Cache-Control headers in the response. This will allow to avoid unnecessary
# requests and to leverage ETags.
activePlugin: lru
max: 524288
# Select nullStore as your cache store to avoid caching completely. This
# is useful during development.
nullStore: {}
# These settings will determine the TTL for edge cache.
# Cache OPTIONS responses for one day.
OPTIONS: 86400
# The value to use for all GET requests unless otherwise specified.
default: 900
# Add sub-routes here to override the defaults
# articles: 420
# node--volatiles: 60
# Time in milliseconds before worker processes are forcefully killed when the
# master process receives a SIGINT.
killTimeout: 10000
# The time in milliseconds to allow before a request is considered timed out
# and the client connection severed. Timeouts can be per version and per entity
# type.
default: 12000
defaultListing: 12000
# The time in milliseconds to set the retry-after header value to in the event
# of a request timeout.
retryAfter: 1200
# This object is passed verbatim to the
# module.
# Avoid using '*'. See
- http://localhost:3000
- https://localhost:3443
- 'Accept'
- 'Authorization'
- 'Cache-Control'
- 'Content-Length'
- 'Content-Type'
- 'Keep-Alive'
- 'Origin'
- 'User-Agent'
- 'X-Forwarded-For'
- 'X-Forwarded-Port'
- 'X-Forwarded-Proto'
- 'X-HTTP-Method-Override'
- 'X-Requested-With'
maxAge: 86400 # One day.
# The path where the request aggregator lives.
path: /subrequests
# You can set this to 'multipart' as well.
responseMerger: json
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