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Ruby 1.9 PostRank API Wrapper
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Ruby PostRank API Wrapper

PostRank API wrapper for Ruby 1.9.

  • EventMachine & Fibers under the hood - async friendly.
  • Can be used outside of an EM loop - wrapper will spin up and shut down the reactor on demand.

For complete documentation on all endpoints please see PostRank API Docs

A few simple examples

require "postrank-api"

api ='my-appkey')

# map a site to postrank id's + retrieve feed meta data
igvita = api.feed_info('')

# grab the latest stories from
feed   = api.feed(igvita['id'])

# grab the top recent post from
top    = api.top_posts(igvita['id'], :num => 1)

# lookup the engagement score for the past two days
eng    = api.feed_engagement(igvita['id'], :start_time => 'yesterday')

# lookup social metrics for a url
metrics = api.metrics('')

# get recommended feeds
recommendations = api.recommendations(igvita['id'])

# lookup thematic postranks for given posts
postrank = api.postrank(top['items'].collect!{|info| info['original_link']})

# lookup metrics history for a given post hash
history = api.postrank(top['items'].first['id'])
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