Minimalistic buffer tabs saving screen space
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This is a simple script that shows a tabs-like list of buffers in the bottom
of the window. The biggest advantage of this script over various others is
that it does not take any lines away from your terminal, leaving more space
for the document you're editing. The tabs are only visible when you need
them - when you are switching between buffers.

This script draws buffer tabs on vim startup, when a new buffer is created
and when switching between buffers.

It might be handy to create a few maps for easy switching of buffers in your
.vimrc file. For example, using F1 and F2 keys:

  noremap <f1> :bprev<CR> 
  noremap <f2> :bnext<CR>

or using control-left and control-right keys:

  :noremap <C-left> :bprev<CR>
  :noremap <C-right> :bnext<CR>

Some configuration options are available for styling and layout, check the top of the plugin file for instructions.