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An iOS application example for the product catalogue space template
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Product Catalogue

This is an iOS application example for the Contentful product catalogue space template. The app should be built using Xcode 7.1 or newer and works on iOS >= 8.

Contentful is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices. It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via powerful API. Contentful offers tools for managing editorial teams and enabling cooperation between organizations.


  • Simply run
$ make setup

This will install all necessary RubyGems, create a new space on Contentful using Contentful Bootstrap, install all necessary CocoaPods and setup API keys automatically.

Note: this requires bundler, which you most likely already have. In case you are running this on a freshly installed OS X, please run sudo gem install bundler first.

  • Now you're ready to use it!


  • You can easily drop the Contentful related branding by removing 'ContentfulDialogs' and 'ContentfulStyle' from the Podfile. You will need to remove the "About Us" scene from the storyboard, as well as replace usages of our fonts and colors.

  • The app has support for the 'contentful-catalogue://' custom URL scheme, you should also remove that if you are using the template for your own application.


Copyright (c) 2015 Contentful GmbH. See LICENSE for further details.

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