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Super Chemex Bot

❗ Disclaimer

This project is not actively maintained or monitored. Feel free to fork and work on it in your account. If you want to maintain but also collaborate with fellow developers, feel free to reach out to Contentful's Developer Relations team to move the project into our community GitHub organisation contentful-userland.

Our friendly bot-overlord notifying people when there is freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen. You can read the story of how this bot came be on our blog.

Super Chemex Bot is a Slack app that posts a message in channel when an AWS IoT button is pressed.


Super Chemex Bot is only a small piece of code but requires a bit of configuration to get running. Below is a high level overview of the steps you'll have to take to get it working.

  • Clone this repository
  • cd into the lambda directory and run npm install (yarn install is also supported).
  • Sign up for Contentful if you haven't already.
    • Follow the instructions to create a personal access token
    • Execute ./setups-space.js --management-token <your-personal-access-token>
  • Create a Slack app
  • Go to the Slack app wizard. Give your app a name and select a workspace.
  • Give the app the scope chat:write:bot
  • Install the app into your workspace. To do so you'll need to authenticate with oAuth. Follow Slack's tutorial for the easiest way to do it.
  • Time to set up the button
    • Configure your button by following the AWS tutorial
    • Choose to create an AWS Lambda function that is triggered by your button
    • Add three environment variables to the Lambda function: SLACK_API_TOKEN, CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN, CONTENTFUL_SPACE_ID
    • Install and configure the AWS cli.
    • Navigate to the project root folder and run ./ <function-name>
  • All done!


Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Contentful GmbH. Code released under the MIT license. See [LICENSE][LICENSE] for further details.


Our friendly bot-overlord notifying people when there is freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen.







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