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Contentful is a content delivery backend with a RESTful JSON API, plus a web app for managing the content. Learn more in our developer center.

This repo collects third-party libraries and SDKs for working with Contentful. Contentful also ships supported offical SDKs for many languages including Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C and Java.

These third-party libraries and SDKs are not officially supported by Contentful and may be incomplete, but we've at least tried them out. If you want to include your own libraries on this list open a pull request that matches our contribution guidelines


Framework Integrations

Static Site Generators

  • jekyll-contentful, a plugin for Jekyll, a static site generator
  • Roots, use Roots, a static site generator, and manage content with Contentful.
  • contentful-static - Simple static site generator backed by the Contentful Sync API.
  • gulp-metalsmith - Metalsmith + gulp static site tool. Tutorial includes a sample Contentful integration.
  • Spike Contentful - A standard webpack plugin, that is intended to be used with spike.
  • Stacy - Use Contentful to manage websites hosted at Amazon S3.

UI Extensions

Standalone Tools

Other useful libraries

Example Projects & Gists


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