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Content model: The example app

The example app content model containts the model for all the example apps, demonstrating in a broader fashion some examples on how to use Contentful. If you want to see the model in action, we have a hosted version, for you to check out.

Through our command line app you can import this model into your own space. Doing so will be accomplished by this call to the command line app:

contentful space seed -s '<SPACE_ID>' -t the-example-app

The Contentful CLI will walk you through the steps needed in order to import this content model into your space.

If you happen to not have a <SPACE_ID>, as in a Space you can overwrite, use the cli to create a new one:

contentful space create -n '[COPY] The example app'

And then retry the upper code again.

Compatible apps

The content model The example app is used in platform specific example apps to form a reference Contentful setup.

Platform Repository Hosted version


We are hosting different versions of this content model for demo purposes. The Example App can be connected to these versions through variables.env when run locally or through query parameters when hosted. For example:<YOUR_CLONED_SPACE_ID>&delivery_token=<YOUR_DELIVERY_TOKEN>&preview_token=<YOUR_PREVIEW_TOKEN>

Version Space Id Access tokens
1.0 qz0n5cdakyl9 Content Delivery API: 580d5944194846b690dd89b630a1cb98a0eef6a19b860ef71efc37ee8076ddb8, Content Preview API: e8fc39d9661c7468d0285a7ff949f7a23539dd2e686fcb7bd84dc01b392d698b

Note: We are sharing read-only tokens here for demo purposes. Tokens should in general be treated like passwords and not be shared with a public audience.

Visual graph of content model

The following graph was generated using contentful-graph to visualize the content model.

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