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This tool allows you to export a Contentful space to a JSON dump
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Contentful export tool

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Contentful provides a content infrastructure for digital teams to power content in websites, apps, and devices. Unlike a CMS, Contentful was built to integrate with the modern software stack. It offers a central hub for structured content, powerful management and delivery APIs, and a customizable web app that enable developers and content creators to ship digital products faster.

This is a library that help you backup your Content Model, Content and Assets or move them to a new Contentful space. It will support Roles & Permissions in a future version.

To import your exported data, please refer to the contentful-import repository.

❗️ Usage as CLI

We moved the CLI version of this tool into our Contentful CLI. This allows our users to use and install only one single CLI tool to get the full Contentful experience.

Please have a look at the Contentful CLI export command documentation to learn more about how to use this as command line tool.

☁️ Installation

npm install contentful-export


const contentfulExport = require('contentful-export')

const options = {
  spaceId: '<space_id>',
  managementToken: '<content_management_api_key>',

  .then((result) => {
    console.log('Your space data:', result)
  .catch((err) => {
    console.log('Oh no! Some errors occurred!', err)


To scope your export, you are able to pass query parameters. All search parameters of our API are supported as documented in our API documentation.

const contentfulExport = require('contentful-export')

const options = {
  spaceId: '<space_id>',
  managementToken: '<content_management_api_key>',
  queryEntries: 'content_type=<content_type_id>'


The Export tool also support multiple inline queries.

const contentfulExport = require('contentful-export')

const options = {
  spaceId: '<space_id>',
  managementToken: '<content_management_api_key>',
  queryEntries: [


queryAssets uses the same syntax as queryEntries

Export an environment

const contentfulExport = require('contentful-export')

const options = {
  spaceId: '<space_id>',
  managementToken: '<content_management_api_key>',
  environmentId: '<environment_id>'


⚙️ Configuration options


spaceId [string] [required]

ID of the space with source data

environmentId [string] [default: 'master']

ID of the environment in the source space

managementToken [string] [required]

Contentful management API token for the space to be exported


exportDir [string] [default: current process working directory]

Defines the path for storing the export JSON file

saveFile [boolean] [default: true]

Save the export as a JSON file

contentFile [string]

The filename for the exported data


includeDrafts [boolean] [default: false]

Include drafts in the exported entries

includeArchived [boolean] [default: false]

Include archived entries in the exported entries

skipContentModel [boolean] [default: false]

Skip exporting content models

skipContent [boolean] [default: false]

Skip exporting assets and entries

skipRoles [boolean] [default: false]

Skip exporting roles and permissions

skipWebhooks [boolean] [default: false]

Skip exporting webhooks

contentOnly [boolean] [default: false]

Only export entries and assets

queryEntries [array]

Only export entries that match these queries

queryAssets [array]

Only export assets that match these queries

downloadAssets [boolean]

Download actual asset files


host [string] [default: '']

The Management API host

proxy [string]

Proxy configuration in HTTP auth format: host:port or user:password@host:port

rawProxy [boolean]

Pass proxy config to Axios instead of creating a custom httpsAgent

maxAllowedLimit [number] [default: 1000]

The number of items per page per request


errorLogFile [string]

Full path to the error log file

useVerboseRenderer [boolean] [default: false]

Display progress in new lines instead of displaying a busy spinner and the status in the same line. Useful for CI.


  • Unable to connect to Contentful through your proxy? Try to set the rawProxy option to true.
  proxy: '',
  rawProxy: true,

🗃 Exported data structure

This is an overview of the exported data:

  "contentTypes": [],
  "entries": [],
  "assets": [],
  "locales": [],
  "webhooks": [],
  "roles": [],
  "editorInterfaces": []

⚠️ Limitations

  • This tool currently does not support the export of space memberships.
  • Exported webhooks with credentials will be exported as normal webhooks. Credentials should be added manually afterwards.
  • If you have custom UI extensions, you need to reinstall them manually in the new space.

📝 Changelog

Read the releases page for more information.

📜 License

This project is licensed under MIT license

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