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Getting Started with Contentful extensions


This guide will walk you through uploading, using, and making changes to your first extension.

  1. Uploading the extension to a space
  2. Using the extension in the Contentful App
  3. Making changes to the code

This example extension presents the user with a simple dropdown and writes number values to the API depending on the selection. It also allows the user to request a list of entries with the same value at the field the extension is attached to.

Check you have the requirements needed to use our extensions.

Uploading the extension to a space

The first step is to have two files which define the extension in a local folder:

The second step is to register the extension with the Contentful API to make the Contentful App aware of its existence.

contentful extension create --space-id MY_SPACE_ID

The contentful extension command will upload the data defined in extension.json and register it with our app. The extension.json file look like this.

  "id": "number-dropdown",
  "name": "Rating Dropdown",
  "srcdoc": "./app.html",
  "fieldTypes": ["Integer", "Number"]

The file references app.html which contains the code loaded by the Contentful App.

Checkout the documentation here for more information on the extension.json files.

Using the extension in the Contentful App

Next, we will enable the extension in the Contentful App for a “Number” field so that you can see it in action.

In your space, choose any Content Type with a “Number” field or create a new one. Then open the “Settings” dialog for a field and switch to the appearance tab. An extension with the name “Rating Dropdown” should be visible at the end of the list. (Note that you need to reload the app after you uploaded an extension.) Select the extension from the list and save the Content Type. Finally you can open an entry for that Content Type and see the extension rendered.

Making changes to the code

To simplify development you can host your extension locally.

contentful extension update --space-id MY_SPACE_ID --force --src "http://localhost:8000/app.html"
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

This will update the extension and tell the Contentful App to load the extension from http://localhost:8000/app.html instead of loading it from the API. It will also run a static server to serve that file. (If you don’t have Python installed there are various ways to serve static files.)

If you now open an entry that uses the extension in your browser it will use the code from your local machine. You need to enable insecure content since the Contentful App is served through HTTPS but your extension is not. See here how to do it in Firefox and Chrome.

All the code needed to run the extension is contained in app.html and documented there. If you make any changes to that file and reload the browser page, your changes will be reflected in the extension.

If you want to deploy the code from app.html directly again, without having to serve it locally, you can run

contentful extension update --space-id MY_SPACE_ID --force

You can go on from here by having a look at the UI Extensions API documentation documentation.