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The Time Slider bundle allows the user to change the time extent for FeatureLayers.
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Time Slider Bundle

The Time Slider bundle allows the user to change the time extent for FeatureLayers.

Sample App

Installation Guide

Requirement: map.apps 4.7.0

  1. First, you need to add the bundle "dn_timeslider" to your app.
  2. After that, add a time-aware FeatureLayer to your app.
  3. Finally you can configure your time slider.

Configurable Components of dn_timeslider:


"dn_timeslider": {
    "Config": {
        "timeStopsOptions": {
        "labelPattern": "DD.MM.YYYY",
        "playOnStartup": false,
        "thumbMovingRate": 1000,
        "loop": false,
        "startTimeStopIndex": 0,
        "endTimeStopIndex": 1,
        "selectedLayerIds": [
        "showLayerSelection": false
Property Type Possible Values Default Value Description
timeStopsOptions Object More information Detailed description below
labelPattern String More information DD.MM.YYYY The label pattern for the slider ticks
playOnStartup Boolean true | false false Play the slider on startup
thumbMovingRate Integer 1000 Moving rate in milliseconds
loop Boolean true | false false Restart when the end time has been reached
startTimeStopIndex Integer 0 Start time stop index
endTimeStopIndex Integer 1 End time stop index
selectedLayerIds Array [] Layers influenced by the TimeSlider
showLayerSelection Boolean true | false false Allow users to change selected layers


There are three ways to define the time stops:

1. Use predefined time stops
"timeStopsOptions": {
    "timeStops": [
2. Use time tops count
"timeStopsOptions": {
    "timeExtent": {
        "start": "2000-08-04T00:00Z",
        "end": "2000-10-22T00:00Z"
    "timeStopCount": 4
3. Use time interval
"timeStopsOptions": {
    "timeExtent": {
        "start": "2000-08-04T00:00Z",
        "end": "2000-10-22T00:00Z"
    "timeIntervalLength": 7,
    "timeIntervalUnits": "days"
Possible values for timeIntervalUnits:
  • years
  • quarters
  • months
  • weeks
  • days
  • hours
  • minutes
  • seconds
  • milliseconds

For more information have a look at the moment.js documentation:

Development Guide

Define the mapapps remote base

Before you can run the project you have to define the mapapps.remote.base property in the pom.xml-file: <mapapps.remote.base>http://%YOURSERVER%/ct-mapapps-webapp-%VERSION%</mapapps.remote.base>

Other methods to to define the mapapps.remote.base property.

  1. Goal parameters mvn install -Dmapapps.remote.base=http://%YOURSERVER%/ct-mapapps-webapp-%VERSION%

  2. Build properties Change the mapapps.remote.base in the file and run: mvn install -Denv=dev -Dlocal.configfile=%ABSOLUTEPATHTOPROJECTROOT%/

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