Beta Golang client library for the Context.IO Lite Email API
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Context.IO API Golang Library

This library is currently in BETA, and as such we make no promises; the use of this library is provided without warranty.


# For the LITE api
go get

CIO Lite Usage

package main

import (

func main() {
	// Key and Secret
	cioKey := os.Getenv("CONTEXTIO_API_KEY")
	cioSecret := os.Getenv("CONTEXTIO_API_SECRET")

	// Client Instance
	cioLiteClient := ciolite.NewCioLite(cioKey, cioSecret)
	// Can also use with a standard or custom logger:
	// ciolite.NewCioLiteWithLogger(cioKey, cioSecret, logrus.StandardLogger())

	// Discovery Call Parameters
	discoveryParams := ciolite.GetDiscoveryParams{Email: ""}

	// Actual Discovery Call
	discoveryResp, err := cioLiteClient.GetDiscovery(discoveryParams)
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatal("Error calling ContextIO: " + err.Error())

	// Responses are simple structs, all fields accessible. The following line prints:
	// { Type:gmail Documentation:[] Found:true
	// IMAP:{ UseSSL:true OAuth:true Port:993}}
	fmt.Printf("%+v", discoveryResp)

	// Get a slice of users
	users, _ := cioLiteClient.GetUsers(ciolite.GetUsersParams{})

	// Get a slice of emails in the Inbox of the first users's first email account


A testing interface/mock is provided via GoMock, and can be used in tests like so:

// mock cio
mockCtrl := gomock.NewController(t)
defer mockCtrl.Finish()
cioMock := ciolite.NewMockInterface(mockCtrl)

// mock discovery
discoveryReq := ciolite.GetDiscoveryParams{Email: ""}
discoveryRes := ciolite.GetDiscoveryResponse{
	Found: true,
	Type:  "gmail",
	IMAP: ciolite.GetDiscoveryIMAPResponse{
		Username: "",
		Server:   "",
		Port:     993,
		UseSSL:   true,
		OAuth:    true,

cioMock.EXPECT().GetDiscovery(discoveryReq).Return(discoveryRes, nil)

// use this mock in a test somewhere


If you want to open an issue or PR for this library - go ahead! We'd love to hear your feedback.

For API support please consult our support site and feel free to drop a line to