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Context.IO Glitch App

Interested in Context.IO but don't know where to start? Glitch is a great way to test-drive an API without all the hassle of setting up a dev environment or figuring out your first steps. Glitch handles all that for you - one click and you have a working app with a great online editor. You can even invite other devs to join your project and export to GitHub when you're ready to leave the playground!

We're really excited about the platform that Glitch has built and we think it's a fantastic tool for improving the way we work with other developers. As always: feel free to open issues or PR's on this repo, check our docs for more information about the Context.IO api, and feel free to drop us a line if you get stuck. Or just to chat: we'd love to hear what you're building 💞!

Remix on Glitch (งツ)ว


  1. Sign up for a developer account at Context.IO and get your free API key.

  2. Enter your API key and secret into the .env file.

## .env
  1. Enter a database username and password into the .env file. This database is just for your glitch app, so the username/password can be anything you want.
## .env
  1. Build something cool! This app can connect mailboxes and set up simple webhooks for them, but there are many more CIO features to play with.