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More about Contiki‐NG

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In 2017, Contiki-NG started as a fork of the Contiki operating system with the following goals:

  • Focus on dependable (reliable and secure), standard-based IPv6 communication;
  • Focus on modern IoT platforms, e.g. ARM Cortex M3 and other 32-bit MCUs;
  • Modernize the structure, configuration, logging and platforms, to reflect the goals above;
  • Improve the documentation, both code API, module description, and tutorials;
  • Implement a more agile development process, with easier inclusion of new features, and with periodic releases.

The first version is Contiki-NG 4.0. A detailed changelog is available at doc:releases.

Getting Around

If you are coming from Contiki, this is what you need to know:

  • Documentation and tutorials are available at doc:home. We still use Doxygen, but most of the content has moved to the wiki. Only code APIs are left as doxygen documentation, available at doxygen
  • The former directory core is renamed os. apps are moved to os. The top-level dev, cpu and platform are under a new top-level directory arch.
  • Examples are still under the top-level examples directory
  • The configuration system, in particular how the network stack is set up, has changed significantly. Read doc:configuration-system
  • The build system is overall unchanged, but offers a number of new handy commands (configuration inspection, intermediate build file generation). It is documented at doc:build-system
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