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Where to report issues, ask questions, etc.?

George Oikonomou edited this page Oct 15, 2018 · 3 revisions

We have two forums for issues and questions: Gitter and Github, each with a different workflow.


For informal, chat-like discussion, use the Contiki-NG Gitter. You'll be able to engage in live interactions, and might get your problem solved real quick! Join us in the Developers room for technical discussions as well as for more generic discussions about anything else related to Contiki-NG.

Github issues

A limitation of Gitter is that issues do not have their own thread, and that only recent messages receive attention. For confirmed issues, long-term feature request etc., consider opening a Github issue. This is suitable for:

  • Reporting issues;
  • Asking technical questions;
  • Keeping track of TODOs.

When opening an issue:

  • Check if a similar issue wasn't already opened (and maybe resolved);
  • Polish your message, use punctuation, proof-read the text, etc.;
  • For issues, provide enough information for the reader to be able reproduce the problem;
  • For questions, provide enough context, i.e. do not assume the reader already knows what protocol you are talking about.
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