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I just designed a fan out + battery board for the cc2538em. Similar in concept to the breakouts that ship with the cc2530dk kits. It is pretty basic, but it has the battery, a power switch, the 4 leds (which TI wired backwards on the SmartRF06 IMO -- used the I/O pin to source rather than sink. I kept the same arrangement on the board because fixing it inverts the logic), a user button (think I used the same pin as LEFT) and the reset button. It also has headers for all the pins on the EM connectors and power and ground sections. I was curious if there is an interest in posting the collateral here for others (gerbers, BOM, etc) so that people don't have to design one themselves if they don't want to or don't have access to a PCB suite. I've already done the (marginal) work on it and it may make someones life a bit easier. You would still have to fab and assemble, but no design work necessary.

Any interest?



An image of the board....

I would be interested in the full design files for this board, if you wouldn't mind posting them publicly.

dmarion commented Nov 16, 2013

I went a bit different path and designed whole board. In attempt to avoid RF issues I placed balun as close as possible to CC2538 and SMA connector as close as possible to balun.
Only trick is how to solder CC2538 QFN package, I did that successfully with the hot air gun.

Design files and PDFs are here:

Board is still not tested completely.

Comments are welcome.

Waiting for them to come back and test them fully before I put them up.



adamdunkels commented Nov 23, 2013

While I'm not doing much hardware myself, from a Contiki perspective I think having great hardware design files around is a very good thing. Maybe you could try posting this link to the contiki-developers list if there are people there who don't follow the contiki project on github?


adamdunkels commented Jan 12, 2014

FYI, a new Contiki-compatible CC2538:

dmarion commented Jan 12, 2014

I did my own CC2538 development board some time ago.
In case somebody finds it useful it is on github:

RF design is made based on only one rule: put everything as close as possible.

Also I made USB stick version, if anybody is interested I can publish that one also….


On 12 Jan 2014, at 15:53, Adam Dunkels wrote:

FYI, a new Contiki-compatible CC2538:

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.


g-oikonomou commented Mar 29, 2015

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