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Welcome to the Contiki wiki! The main sections are available from the table below, or from the sidebar at right, which appears on each page. So explore, you won't get lost. :-)

Using Contiki Guides and tips on getting started, configuration, and tuning
Platforms Guides to specific hardware
Help Details on Contiki's organization and subsystems
Community Links to resources like the mailing list and issue tracker
Platforms Guides to specific hardware

Have a tip or project to share? Add it to the wiki! All you need is a free GitHub account.

Have code you'd like to contribute? Great! See Code-Contributions to submit and include it in the Contiki tree.

Using Contiki

Guides and tips on getting started, configuration and tuning.

Getting Started





The repository includes ports for several hardware platforms. Drill down for implementation specifics.

There are also platforms that are no longer in the main tree:

Border-routers and gateways

Some routers and gateways run Contiki and others are simply useful for setting up 6LowPAN networks

  • BR12 - embedded Linux based 6LoWPAN router (includes the BRamble 6LoWPAN administration frontend)
  • red-IO Contiki-based router. Can run Mist(Nat64/DNS64) or 6lbr(native ipv6 routing)
  • calipso-gateway A HTTP/CoAP proxy and cache prototype.

Also see links to out of tree implementations in the Community section below.


Details on Contiki's organization and subsystems.

Duty Cycling


Projects and enhancements developed by Contiki users, not in the main Contiki tree.

  • Some projects are hosted/mirrored in the Contiki Projects repository on SourceForge.

Contiki ports and platforms

Contiki enhancements

Cooja plugins

Cooja enhancements



This table shows you some common methods to request help.

Website Check the Contiki website
Stackoverflow Submit your questions with the Contiki tag on Stackoverflow
Bug reports Use the Issue Tracker provided by Github.
By all means, open an issue if you think you may have found a bug, even if you are uncertain. However, do not open issues to ask fundamental "How do I ...?" type questions. Issues of this nature will be closed with no further explanation.
Mailing List For Contiki development discussion use the mailing list home or Gmane archive. If you have questions on how to use Contiki, this is the best place to ask them.
IRC Join #contiki-os channel at for live community discussion
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