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  1. continuent-tools-hadoop continuent-tools-hadoop Public

    Supplemental utilities to help with processing data replicated into Hadoop

    Ruby 14 4

  2. continuent-vagrant continuent-vagrant Public

    Provide Vagrant templates for setting up Continuent Tungsten in virtual machines on multiple platforms

    Shell 6 6

  3. continuent-puppet-tungsten continuent-puppet-tungsten Public

    A Puppet module for configuring Continuent Tungsten prerequisites and deploying Continuent Tungsten

    Puppet 6 3

  4. continuent-monitors-zabbix continuent-monitors-zabbix Public

    Monitor Scripts for Zabbix

    Shell 5 1

  5. continuent-monitors continuent-monitors Public

    Monitoring Scripts for Continuent Tungsten and Tungsten Replicator

    Shell 4 6

  6. continuent-ansible continuent-ansible Public

    Shell 3 3


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