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The continuent-tools-core is a package of libraries and scripts to use with most Continuent Tungsten deployments. It is the basis for all other RubyGems distributed by Continuent.

The code is focused around the 'TungstenScript' Ruby class that is found in Tungsten Replicator. When the gem is built, these files are automatically exported from

Installation may be done using the gem utility. This will ensure that all prerequisites are installed.

$> gem install continuent-tools-core

Using the tungsten_create_load script

The tungsten_create_load script may be used to apply load directly to a MySQL server or through a Tungsten Connector. By default, the script will read your configuration and use the Tungsten Connector if it is available. This may be disabled by adding '--use-connector=false'.

Automated Continuent Tungsten management scripts

The automated Continuent Tungsten management scripts are designed to be used as a way to manage Continuent Tungsten host configurations. They use provided or discovered directory information to determine the configuration of the local host and install or update the necessary components.

These tools can be called using CRON, Puppet, Chef or other devops tools with little customization to the specific platform.

See for more details.

Using the TungstenScript class

Script Structure

Every Tungsten script should create a new class and include the 'TungstenScript' module. To execute the class, run ''.

The class must at least define the 'main' and 'script_name' methods. All other methods have a base definition and aren't required.

Accepting Arguments

Inside of the configure command, you may define options that will be accepted from the command line.

add_option(:option_name, {
  :on => "--option-name String",
  :aliases => ["-o String"],
  :help => "A description of the option",
  :default => "Default Value"

In order to access this value, you may run the opt() command.



The first two examples show the base script outline for running against Continuent Tungsten, and running a script that doesn't require Continuent Tungsten.

  • samples/active-tungsten-script

    This script will look for $CONTINUENT_ROOT and load the configuration associated with that directory. If the environment variable isn't available, the --directory option is required to locate the right path.

  • samples/independent-script

    This script will still look for $CONTINUENT_ROOT but it will not fail if Continuent Tungsten is not found.

Viewing The Source Code

The source code for this gem is available at project. The tungsten.rb and tungsten directory are packaged into the gem. All other files are required via the gemspec.