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Training Images and scripts for Continuent Tungsten using virtualbox images.

Download and extract the 4 Virtual box images

The are set up to use a private host-only network and host1 can be accessed from the machine running virtual box via the command - The password is 'password'. Increase the memory if you have more available on the host machine they are currently setup with 512MB each

ssh -p 2222 tungsten@localhost

Download the latest release of Continuent Tungsten from the Downloads section of and upload to /opt/continuent/software

Snapshot all 4 images at this point to get a roll back point

To install a basic cluster copy to host1 and run it

To pick up the new profile

source ~.bash_profile

The run cctrl to look at the cluster status

To reset the hosts back to their clean state run the command

To add a new node and connector on node4 run