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Tungsten Replicator is an open source replication engine supporting a variety of different extractor and applier modules. Data can be extracted from MySQL, Oracle and Amazon RDS, and applied to transactional stores.

For more information Tungsten Replicator, including licensing and support options, see Tungsten Replicator

Tungsten Replicator supports extraction from:

  • MySQL 5.0-5.6, 5.7 (with limited datatype support)
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Oracle 10g, 11g using CDC

Data can be applied to:

  • MySQL
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • HPE Vertica
  • Hadoop (HDFS/Hive)
  • Amazon RedShift
  • Apache Cassandra

During replication, Tungsten Replication assigns data a unique global transaction ID, and enables flexible statement and/or row-based replication of data. This enables data to be exchanged between different databases and different database versions. During replication, information can be filtered and modified, and deployment can be between on-premise or cloud-based databases. For performance, Tungsten Replicator includes support for parallel replication, and advanced topologies such as fan-in and multi-master, and can be used efficiently in cross-site deployments.

This repo tracks the Tungsten Replicator 5.0 series.


This software is released under the Apache 2.0 license, a copy of which is located in the LICENSE file.


To build a replicator, follow the steps shown below to obtain the source and build.

   git clone https://github.com/continuent/tungsten-replicator
   cd tungsten-replicator/builder

The output of a build is a tar.gz file in the builds directory.

To build successfully you will require the following prerequisite software:

  • JDK 7 or higher
  • Ant 1.8 or higher


Currently there are no builds from the new code available, they will be made available as soon as possible.


Documentation for Tungsten Replicator is located on the Continuent Documentation website.


To install the replicator follow the steps shown below.

  1. Review the installation instructions in the Tungsten Replicator Installation Guide.

  2. Run the 'tpm' command in the tools directory to configure and start Tungsten services for standard replication topologies. The manual has examples for many of them.

The Installation Guide provides additional information on installation procedures.


Most of us use Eclipse for replicator. Here's how to get started.

  1. Download Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) with Egit plugin for source management using Git. (It's default in most downloads)
  2. Create a new Eclipse workspace in the main tungsten-replicator directory created by the 'git clone' command.
  3. Import the builder, commons, and replicator projects into the workspace.

Eclipse code and comment formatting definitions are located in commons/eclipse-settings.
See the README.txt for instructions on importing. (And no, we don't plan on changing them to suit anyone's individual tastes. It screws up merges and we have been using them for about a decade.)


Tungsten Replicator is supported by an active community. You can find us in the following places.


Active communities contribute code and we're happy to consider yours. To be involved, please email MC Brown


This is open source software. Check the wiki, issues list, and mailing lists to get help.
Continuent also offers commercial products based on Tungsten Replicator. See the Continuent products page for more information.