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A background engine for integrating with various text editors
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EditorEngine is an open source project maintained by the ContinuousTests
team The purpose of this tool is to provide a set
of features around vairous text editors. It contains a plugin for each
supported editor. The features are basic feedback like keypress and actions
like open a file on a spesific location. It was developed mainly as a
generic backend for the project OpenIDENet.

Getting started
The project is in it's early stages and has only been run on Linux yet. Use
the script to build and you'll find the binaries under

Start the server
./EditorEngine.exe /key/path

Execute client commands from inside or below key path as it uses this to find
and connect to engine.
This command will launch the editor itself. After editor is closed engine
shuts down automatically
./EditorClient.exe editor vim

Open a file in the editor on line 12 column 3
./EditorClient.exe goto "/key/path/subdir/somefile.cs|12|3"

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