Container networking for various use cases
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Generic network plugin is designed to handle networking use cases in clustered multi-host systems. It is specifically designed to handle:

  • Multi-tenant environment where disjoint networks are offered to containers on the same host
  • SDN applications and interoperability with SDN solutions
  • Interoperability with non container environment and hand-off to a physical network
  • Instantiating policies/ACL/QoS associated with containers
  • Multicast or multi-destination dependent applications
  • Integration with existing IPAM tools for migrating customers
  • Handle NIC's capabilities for acceleration (SRIOV/Offload/etc.)


Full, comprehensive documentation is available on the website:

Getting-started videos are available on YouTube.

Getting Started

This will provide you with a minimal experience of uploading the intent and seeing the netplugin system act on it. It will create a network on your host that lives behind an OVS bridge and has its own unique interfaces.

Step 1: Clone the project and bringup the VMs

Note: if you have $GOPATH set, then please ensure either you unset GOPATH, or clone the tree in $GOPATH/src/ location

$ git clone
$ cd netplugin; make demo
$ vagrant ssh netplugin-node1

Optionally, variables can be passed to Makefile if needed. For example, to use 4 GB memory and 2 CPUs for the vagrant VMs, run:


CONTIV_MEMORY and CONTIV_CPUS are set to 2048 and 4 as the default values respectively.

Step 2: Create a network

$ netctl net create contiv-net --subnet=
netctl net create contiv-net --subnet= --subnetv6=2001::/100 

Step 3: Run your containers and enjoy the networking!

$ docker run -itd --name=web --net=contiv-net alpine /bin/sh
$ docker run -itd --name=db --net=contiv-net alpine /bin/sh
$ docker exec -it web /bin/sh
< inside the container >
root@f90e7fd409c4:/# ping db
PING db ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from db ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.658 ms
64 bytes from db ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.103 ms

Building and Testing

Note: Vagrant 1.7.4 and VirtualBox 5.0+ are required to build and test netplugin.

High level make targets:

  • demo: start three VM demo cluster for development or testing.
  • build: build the binary in a VM and download it to the host.
  • unit-test: run the unit tests. Specify CONTIV_NODE_OS=centos to test on centos instead of ubuntu.
  • system-test: run the networking/"sanity" tests. Specify CONTIV_NODE_OS=centos to test on centos instead of ubuntu.

How to Contribute

Patches and contributions are welcome, please hit the GitHub page to open an issue or to submit patches send pull requests. Please sign your commits, and read