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Manual Installation on Arm64 Platform

The following supplemental instructions apply when using Contiv-VPP for Arm64. Most installation steps for Arm64 are the same as that described in MANUAL_INSTALL, so you should firstly read it before you start the installation on Arm64 platform.

This document gives out the extra description for Arm64 platform to manually install Kubernetes with Contiv-VPP networking on one or more bare metal or VM hosts.

Prepare Docker Images for Arm64 platform

In general, the needed docker images of all Contiv-VPP components, including contivvpp/vswitch, contivvpp/cni, contivvpp/ksr, contivvpp/stn for arm64 platform can be pulled from Contiv-VPP official docker hub repository, such as:

$ sudo docker pull contivvpp/vswitch-arm64:latest

or just pull all docker images:

$ cd k8s
$ sudo ./

If you want to use the latest source code to build for your own on Arm64 platform:

$ cd docker
$ sudo ./ -s
$ sudo ./ -s

or just:

$ sudo make docker-images

Install the Contiv-VPP pod network

Install the Contiv-VPP network for your cluster on Arm64 platform as follows:

kubectl apply -f
  • If you want to use the STN feature, the STN configuration is the same as here.

  • If you need to generate a manifest file for your Arm64 environment, you can use:

    $ make generate-manifest-arm64

Setting up the vswitch to use Network Adapters

For arm64, usually setting up the vswitch to use the network adapters is the same as that indicated in MANUAL_INSTALL:

Installation on Cavium Thunderx Arm Server

In general, you can just install Contiv-VPP the same as that described in MANUAL_INSTALL if your network environment, such as NICs used for VPP/DPDK, uses the PCI addresses described in the Determining Network Adapter PCI addresses.