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express = require "express"
http = require "http"
{join} = require "path"
Vein = require 'vein'
port = process.env.PORT or 8080
# Web server
app = express()
app.use express.staticCache()
app.use express.static join __dirname, './public/'
server = http.createServer(app).listen port
# Vein
vein = Vein.createServer server
vein.addFolder join __dirname, './lib/services/'
console.log "Server started on #{port}"
if process.argv[2] is '-u'
Pane = require 'pane'
opt =
title: "Smog"
height: 700
width: 1200
url: "http://localhost:#{port}"
process.nextTick ->
window = new Pane opt
catch err
console.log 'You need to install libqtwebkit-dev to use the desktop UI.'