Find and share contra dances.
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This is an online database for managing contra dances. The intended users are dance callers, dance choreographers, and opinionated dancers. Users create, edit, update, and delete dances, as well as copying and viewing other users' dances. Users can create programs of dances and call them from their phone or print outs.


This library is released under the AGPL, see COPYING for details.


Contact us for help. But if you don't wanna, here's some information: Check the Gemfile.lock for the relevant versions of Ruby. I use rbenv to manage gems.

Database configuration is pretty simple and should be handled by migrations. Creating a Postgres user is handled in the wiki. If you've come this far, maybe it's time to contact the project for a db replica so you can test against real data, but if you want to create your own empty DB:

  1. run rake db:seed to create the special choreographer 'Unknown'
  2. The first user you create through the website has super special powers.


Deployment instructions are in the wiki.


bundle exec rspec

will run all tests.