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Some procurement processes consider the specification of guarantees in order to ensure compliance with the terms of a contract.

There are many types of guarantees, so we consider the creation of a new extension based on the formats that are required for the Federal Treasury (Mexico).



  • Guarantee types:

    • Bail
    • Deposit slip
    • Letter of credit
    • Surety bond
    • Check
  • Guaranteed obligations:

    • Fulfillment
    • Prepaid
    • Latent defects
    • Confidentiality
    • Quality

Add an array named "guarantees" with the following fields:


  • Contract {object}
    • guarantees [array]
      • Guarantee {object}
        • id (string, integer)
        • type (string, null) (codelist)
        • date (Format: date-time) (string, null)
        • obligations (string, null) (codelist)
        • value {object}
          • $ref : #/definitions/Value
        • guarantor {object}
          • $ref : #/definitions/OrganizationReference
        • period {object}
          • $ref : #/definitions/Period

Defining texts:

Code Title Description
guarantees Guarantees A list of the guarantees given for this contract.
Guarantee Guarantee Information of the guarantee used to ensure compliance with the terms of a contract.
id Guarantee ID A local identifier for this guarantee, unique within this block.
type Guarantee type Specify the guarantee type for this contract using the guaranteeType codelist.
bail Bail A bail bond is a written promise by which a person agrees with the creditor to pay for the debtor, if he does not.
depositSlip Deposit slip The deposit slip is an instrument used to establish cash guarantees available to judicial or administrative authorities.
letterOfCredit Letter of credit Letters of credit are used to guarantee that a supplier will receive a specified amount of money within a specified time providing strict terms.
suretyBond Surety bond A surety bond is an instrument through which The surety is obliged to compensate the obligee for the damages suffered in the event that the principal fails to comply with the terms of the contract.
check Check A certified check as a form of guarantee.
date Guarantee date The date of the guarantee. This is the date on which the guarantee is issued.
obligations Guaranteed obligations Specify the type of obligations that are guaranteed, using the obligationType codelist.
fulfillment Fulfillment Guarantees fulfillment in time with the conditions stipulated in the contract.
prepaid Prepaid Guarantee by which the supplier requests a prepayment from the procuring entity.
latentDefects Latent defects Guarantee on the possible defects that a good may have that are not discoverable through general inspection at the time of delivery.
confidentiality Confidentiality Guarantee that commits the supplier to safeguard the confidential information that has been granted.
quality Quality Commitment from the supplier to deliver the goods and services in the quality specified in the contract.
value Guarantee value Total amount of the guarantee.
guarantor Guarantor Institution that issues the guarantee.
period Guarantee period The period on which this quote is valid.


Report issues for this extension in the standard repository of the Open Contracting Partnership.


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