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#Contribly reference Android client

A basic Android application which demonstrates basic read/write usages of the Contribly API in a mobile setting.

Provides a list of open assignments, views moderated contributions and allows new contributions to be posted.

Acts as an Android share target for images.


The project is layed out in Android Studio format. It should import correctly into a copy of Android Studio which has Android SDK 23 or higher installed.

###Generate the client using Swagger codegen

This application uses a Java client library auto generated from the Contribly API's Swagger definition.

To generate a local copy of this client follow this steps:

git clone
mvn clean install
java -jar modules/swagger-codegen-cli/target/swagger-codegen-cli.jar generate -i -l java --group-id com.contribly.client --api-package com.contribly.client.api --invoker-package com.contribly.client --model-package com.contribly.client.model --library=okhttp-gson -DserializableModel=true -o /tmp/contribly

Build the client and publish to your local Maven repo

cd /tmp/contribly
mvn clean package

###Build the apk

./gradlew assemble