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Faktory Enterprise can enqueue jobs periodically by adding a TOML file to /etc/faktory/conf.d/cron.toml in production, or ~/.faktory/conf.d/cron.toml in development, with your set of cron jobs:

  schedule = "*/5 * * * *"
    type = "FiveJob"
    queue = "critical"
      foo = "bar"

  schedule = "12 * * * *"
    type = "HourlyReport"
    retry = 3

  schedule = "* * * * *"
    type = "EveryMinute"

Note the ability to configure the queue, retries and custom job elements. cron.toml is just a convention; you may have as many TOML files in /etc/faktory/conf.d as you wish, all [[cron]] elements will be merged together.

Faktory Enterprise will reload cron jobs (really all configuration) without shutting down if you send the HUP signal:

# systemd service
ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID
> systemctl reload faktory

# docker container
> docker kill --signal=HUP <container>

Web UI

The Cron feature adds a tab to the Web UI so you can view the current Cron configuration.

Periodic Jobs Listing


Periodic Job Details and History