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Google Apps Script List


Useful sites & blogs

Awesome code & things

Lists & collections

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Starter Kits

Shims and polyfills

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Libraries & Modules

Using databases

  • FirebaseApp The Google Apps Script binding for the Firebase Realtime Database
  • oshliaer/alasqlgs AlaSQLGS is a library that enables the use of the AlaSQL.js library in Google Apps Script
  • p3sn/FireScript Google Apps Script library for Firebase Admin, looking a lot like the NodeJS Admin SDK

ORM (O/RM and O/R mapping tool)


  • gas-underscore Underscore for Google Apps Script
  • lodashgs Lodash for Google Apps Script is a library that enables the use of the lodash.js library in Google Apps Script
  • brucemcpherson/cUseful Various dependency free useful functions
  • Gexpress Express-ish middleware for google appscript (build NODEJS-ish applications)
  • tanaikech/RangeListApp RangeListApp is a GAS library for retrieving, putting and replacing values for Spreadsheet by a range list with a1Notation using Google Apps Script (GAS)
  • syslogic/google-apps-script is a client for Google Cloud Datastore, which runs as a Service Account
  • Sheetbase Build REST API server, websites and apps using Google Apps Script.
  • UrlShortener A replacement for the Google Apps Script UrlShortener advanced service that uses
  • michalliu/google-app-script-jsonrpc An implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0 specification
  • johndturn/google-apps-script-storageservice Utility class (built in TypeScript) for storing small or large values in Google Apps Script properties
  • GetEditType Library for retrieving the edit types of the OnEdit event trigger of Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script
  • zlib.js for Google Apps Script Compact zlib, deflate, inflate, zip library in Google Apps Script
  • tanaikech/FetchApp This is a GAS library for creating and requesting the type of multipart/form-data using Google Apps Script. This library enhances Class UelFetchApp of Google Apps Script.
  • Apps Script Code Generator Generate "ready to run" code snippets for making HTTP requests with Google Apps Script. It supports query parameters, authorization, request body and headers
  • classroomtechtools/ObjectStore A store for appscripts that utilizes Properties, Cache, and an in-memory map for speed
  • EnhancedCacheService A cache service which wraps the GAS's native Cache to provide additional features
  • XmlRpcMessageService A service for simplifying the usage of XML-RPC services from JavaScript in Google Apps Script
  • GmailSearchBuilder A builder service for Gmail search queries. It provides a fluent API (chaining methods) for building a search query for mail threads in Gmail
  • tanaikech/ProcessApp This is a library for retrieving the process and information of Google Apps Script. For example, one of methods retrieves the total execution time of all functions executed by the time-driven trigger at owner's account



Images & Pictures

  • ImgApp This is a library of image tools for Google Apps Script
  • GPhotosApp This is a Google Photos REST API library for Google Apps scripts
  • InstagramApp Instagram images API for Google Apps scripts to download images and video

Data Studio community connectors

Pack modules and universal libraries


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Open Source Apps & Add-ons

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  • huan/gast Google Apps Script TAP Testing-framework
  • GSUnit is a Google Apps Script based testing framework based on JUnit by Kent Beck and JSUnit by Edward Hieatt. It will allow one to run tests while developing
  • classroomtechtools/ Assertion and unit testing of modular libraries
  • simula-innovation/qunit An easy-to-use JavaScript Unit Testing framework
  • artofthesmart/QUnitGS2 A Google Apps Script library that brings the power and simplicity of QUnit unit testing to your scripts and applications. In just 60 seconds you can add unit testing to any script.
  • gasunit/GASUnit Testing library for Google Apps Script
  • WildH0g/UnitTestingApp Unit Testing App for Google Apps Script that works online (in GAS environment) and offline (in your IDE).

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  • huan/gasl Google Apps Script Logging-framework
  • BetterLog Logging library that extends the native apps script Logger, mainly to allow logging to a GSheet
  • BBLog Logging library that further extends BLog to give logging to a Firebase DB multiple logging instances logging of function names and line numbers log the user's email address or ID, in a full or disguised format automatically format log GSheet

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  • Benchmark Benchmark: Loop for Array Processing using Google Apps Script without V8

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Snippets and assorted





  • Apps-Script-Gmail-Push-Notifications-v2 Register a Gmail account for push notifications and programmatically set up the the proper pubsub publishing channels and subscriptions
  • Gmail2GDrive Automatically stores and sorts Gmail attachments into Google Drive folders


  • xmlToJson A function to convert an XML string to a JSON object in Apps Script, using logic similar to the sunset method Xml.parse()


  • JSON Puller Transforms the data of a given Spreadsheet Sheet to JSON.
  • JSONPath Extract data from complex data structures with simple expressions. Google Apps Script version of this library.
  • ImportJSON Import JSON into Google Sheets, this library adds various ImportJSON functions to your spreadsheet



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