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@juniwalk juniwalk released this Dec 4, 2016 · 212 commits to master since this release


  • #276: Multi action column. (documentation)
  • #386: Escape column identifier in DibiFluentDataSource.
  • #387: Added latte block for outer filter.
  • #388: Collapsible filters. (Possible BC break) (documentation)
  • #404: Row condition for item detail. (documentation)
  • #405: Sorting datagrid by multiple columns. (documentation)
  • #413: Basic support for related columns in nette/database. (documentation)
  • #417: Improved tests with unix compatibility.
  • Option to show content of non-editable columns when editing. (documentation)
  • Option to reset single column filter using icon-remove in column header.


  • #340: Inline edit Uncaught TypeError: $.nette.ajax(...).success is not a function.
  • #360: Each column render cycle adds already existing classes.
  • #389: Session filter: Filter not found when modifying grid columns.
  • #390: Fix sorting by date in ArrayDataSource.
  • #395: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .datagrid-tree-item[data-id=].
  • #397: Icons have been unified to use <i></i> tag.
  • #400: Fix double confirmation before ajax call.
  • #406: Fixed array source getCount method.
  • #420: Unable to add placeholders for range filters.
  • Column name escaping for DibiDataSource.


  • Support of PHP 5.5


  • #393: Wrong method name deleteSesssionData.
  • #408: Method name on Filter getAttribtues.


Thanks for the contributions: @dakorpar, @roman-vohnik, @PingusPepan, @attreid, @FVesely & @jakubvojacek.

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