Privacy-aware buttons for sharing on social networks.
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Privacy Share Buttons

Wordpress plugins integrating the SocialSharePrivacy jQuery plugins.

It enables a privacy-aware version of the weel know "share" buttons for different social networks.

The plugin offers the possibility of showing in posts (and optionally pages) buttons for sharing content to the supported social networks. These buttons are dummy-button by default, and only after explicit action by the visitor they are activated and become the real buttons. This allows to give control to the single visitor if he wants to send sensible personal information to third-parties sites, and thus providing a nice compromise between privacy and social sharing.

History and Credits

I have started this as a fork/rewrite of a plugin originally written by

Then somebody else made a similar fork, started maintaining more than I could do, and thus I have decided to support his version instead of banging my head against the new versions of jQuery.

But if you are interested into a Wordpress plugin, this is the place for you.

There are a number of Wordpress plugins in the repository that serve to integrate the original jQuery code into Wordpress. I've tried 3 of them 1 2 3, and took lot of inspiration from them, but I wasn't totally satisfied by any of them. And all the docs are written in German, wich I don't speak.