Proposed Article – Minimum BPC Requirements to Receive Votes
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Proposed Article – Minimum BPC Requirements to Receive Votes

by @controllinghand (member of the EOS BP Compliance data/research group) This was a group effort from the EOS BP Compliance data/research group team members. Many thanks to all that have contributed. 7/6/2018


Since the launch of the EOS Mainnet there has been a lot of conversation around voting, block producers and EOS community. However, the biggest issue, is the constitution and what it states. In order for the EOS community to thrive we need to set some better ground rules.
Many in the EOS community are concerned that some of the BP could be a single point of failure in the EOS ecosystem. Here is a list of possible points of failure:

  • Checks and balances.
    • Some BPs have not provided enough information so that the EOS community can validate they are compliant to the current constitution. As we work through the official constitution this will become more important
    • Influence of a few people over a BP (i.e. Whales)
  • Demonstrated performance.
    • There is nothing that states a BP needs to meet a certain performance level.
  • Demonstrated security.
    • There is nothing that states a BP need to meet a certain security standard.
  • Global Disbursement.
    • Country of origin could shutdown all BPs for any reason
    • Producing nodes not evenly distributed globally in case of regional disasters or God forbid wars.

Now that we have demonstrated the demand of 100s of BP Candidates we have the luxury to ask our Block Producers for more. Our goal is to keep the Requirements at the bare minimum while addressing the issues above.

Below is the proposed Article.

Please provide comments and feedback. This is only a draft and we want to get the EOS Community feedback to improve this Article.

Proposal located here: Minimum BPC Requirements to Receive Votes