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Proposed Article – Minimum BPC Requirements to Receive Votes - DRAFT

To be included on the EOS Mainnet blockchain as a vote recipient, Block Producer Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

I. Checks and Balances: Have a website that includes the following in the footer or clearly linked on the homepage.

Code of conduct

Ownership Disclosure

  • List of all ultimate beneficial owners names or business associations including all direct shareholders. All salaries should be publically listed and any financial agreement or exchange with parties besides those within your internal BP must be disclosed

Voting Disclosure

  • To the best of the BPC knowledge if any votes from the top 100 wallets (including proxy wallets) are received for your candidacy then an explantion of that relationship must be provided and posted to the website.

Contact info

  • business phone numbers, email addresses, GitHub, and social media links
  • If you are in the top 100, contact information for emergencies is shared among the top 100 BPs on how to get in touch with team 24 hours a day.


  • A diagram or simple list must be provided
  • Showing server types, hosting providers etc.

Team Members

  • Images, names, and titles of all your current team members must be available and always up to date.

Maintain an active json file

  • bp.json file located at the root of the home website above
  • name of BPC
  • url to the home website
  • home office country location
  • list of nodes with IP or DNS name that produce blocks and location in longitude and latitude

II. Performance: Demonstrated ability to produce blocks by participation on a recognized test network.

  • Must miss no more than 5% of blocks over any given 3 day period.
  • If a producer has not produced any blocks within the last 24 hours they are removed from consideration until they have again demonstrated ability to produce blocks via a test network over a 24 hr period.

III. Security

  • Must provide a validated certificate from 3rd party security audit on infrastructure and include on website.

IV. Global Disbursement

  • No more than 5 BPs in the Active top 21 BPs will be allowed to be from the same country (as an organization home office location). BPCs from countries at max capacity will be automatically placed in a standby position until a position in that region opens.
  • Standby BPs may continue to receive backup BP rewards
  • Standby BPs may move into the top 21 if they have more votes than a current BP in said country. The BP with the lowest amount of votes would then be placed into the standby position.

V. Violation

  • If any of the above items are not met then a BPC will not have the right to receive votes and will be removed from the list of possible BPC.